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  • So Fed Up!!!

    I was feeling pretty good yesterday for a while, but went out for dinner (brought my own salad dressing), and thought I ate pretty IC friendly, but something must have been in the food because I started to flare like crazy. So this morning I am in a ton of pain, and so I will take my Urised again!! I haven't gone to work yet, and feel like c---!!! My uro as I've stated before isn't helping much. Inched her way out the door while I was still asking her questions.

    I finally made an appointment with a new doctor with the University Urologists of Indiana. The doctors name is Dr. Hsiao. This doctor took over from a very good IC doc that has retired. I was so tired of my doctor just sluffing me off at appointments like she was too busy!!! I'm difficult to treat because I do not tolerate chemicals in most meds very well, but she never suggests instills or any other solution except pills. Hopefully this one will work out. Here are his credentials:

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    i go there too. where are you from? i go to richard birle(i can't remember how to spell his name). is this other doctor good? how does he treat you?
    sorry for being so nosy but just curious. also what kind of treatments does he do? i like the doctor i go to.hes really nice and does hydros for me but he is older so i worry that i may loose him eventually. i have no one else to turn to-i have tried all the doctors where i live ,indy and even chicago plus st louis. thanks for all the info. i hope your appt goes well.i will be curious to find out .


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      Hi Courtney,

      I live in Noblesville, IN. As soon as I've seen him I will let you know more info. He specializes in woman's voiding problems etc... He was the only one that would see an IC patient out of about 10 urologists with that practice. I really wanted a doctor connected with a University because they are close to the researchers. If you click on the link I provided there is more info about him there. My appointment isn't until April 4th though so I've got a while to wait. I am on a cancellation list though so maybe I can get in sooner. What was great is that he has an office in Carmel near where I live so I don't have to go all the way downtown Indy!! Thanks for the post. Maybe we could meet sometime!!



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        I hope this new doc takes better care of you. I know all of our docs are busy...but it means so much when they actually sit there and LISTEN to what we have to say. My doc is ALWAYS running behind, sometimes even two to three hours, but I don't care, because I know when it's my turn, he'll spend every second that I need answering questions, discussing med changes, whatever. That's so important, especially when you suffer from multiple ailments or like you said, have chemical sensitivities and have to be more careful with what you take.

        It's a shame that this behavior is the exception rather than the rule. I hope your new doc can work with you to find a better treatment plan, and I hope your pain has reduced from this morning.


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          Thank you Claudia, I hope so too!!! I just didn't have the confidence in my urologist anymore. She would tell me one thing one minute and something else the next. I'm not burning any bridges though. We can't afford to with the few uro's out there that will treat IC.