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  • Bug bites?

    I have been meaning to ask this question for a long time but I thought maybe it just sounded too crazy. I get horrible reactions to bug bites and have always gotten a lot of bug bites since I was a kid. My IC symptoms started exactly 3 weeks after I got EATEN by mosquitoes on one of my legs. My IC lasted for 3 months and seemingly almost dissapeared for a whole glorious 3 monhts when I went on Elavil. I went to the Caribbean in January, and once again got eaten by bugs. I still have the scars to prove it. Again, three weeks later, my IC is back in a horrible way. Is this just a huge coincidence or does anyone think it is related to hystamines and mast cells etc...any thoughts appreciated. I am in horrible pain right now....

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    Antihistamines have been found to be useful in the treatment of IC, especially for IC patients who suffer from allergies. The most widely used antihistamine to treat IC is hydroxyzine. It inhibits mast cell degranulation which is thought to play a part in some IC patients’ symptoms. It also has sedative and anxiety reducing effects. Hydroxyzine is available in two oral forms -- Vistaril® (hydroxyzine pamoate), and Atarax ® (hydroxyzine hydrochloride). Vistaril has a slightly higher absorption rate. Atarax is also available in liquid oral form for patients allergic to fillers or dyes used in the capsules or pills.
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