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    I have been checked for yeast and even treated as if I had one but I do not. So why does part of this flare included a general tender irritated feeling down there. I feel it when I walk and when I sit. It is as if something stuck in my vagina. Dr thinks it is just bladder pressing. What do you guys think??

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    Could it be Vulvodynia or Pelvic Floor Disfunction?



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      I don't think so - until this flare started I haven't had any problems. The ic kicked in and this came with. Do any of you have a general stinging feeling with your ic??


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        Yes, when I'm really flaring EVERYTHING down there hurts. I get lots of vaginal pain with flares.


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          What does your vaginal pain feel like? I just tried taking a hot bath and that made it worse. When I touch the area it feels fine but just sitting around and walking I feel stinging are irritation. It seems like the bladder is calming down and the vagina is acting up. What is the deal??


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            I am not sure Runningshoe, but I have had vaginal pain for years. I don't take baths anymore, just showers and I use a cool shower only to clean my vaginal area. I would also like to say thanks to these boards, because for the first time in my life,I now know I am not the only person in the world that has these persistent vaginal pains. I have never met anyone before who has the same problems as me. I don't feel like a freak anymore, just a normal person with an illness. I think the pains may be linked to nerve pains and the nerves are over exicted. Though why the nerves are over active I don't know. I think the body gets into a pain cycle. Obviously my theories are not medically based, just from years and years of trying to work it out. I think the key is to calm the nerves,boost the immune system and try to avoid stress. However,if I had the magic pill for all this I would be very rich!! Hope you are o.k. Try not to worry as worry = stress. That is what the drs told me anyway!