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  • Flare or Yeast?

    I haven't been officially diagnosed with IC, but suspect that I have it and have an appt. with an IC-friendly gyno in a few weeks. Unfortunately, I got the UTI feeling again (I've had some urethral burning on and off but this seemed more UTI-like) and went to urgent care. They said I had blood and white blood cells in my urine and gave me 500mg of Cipro 2x a day for 3 days. I'm on day 2 and if anything, I'm having more burning! I'm wondering if this could be a flare, or if it might indicate that my infection is due to something like yeast instead of bacteria, because previously I haven't really had a problem with Cipro and have felt at least somewhat better in a day or so. I don't really get symptoms with yeast infections and have been taking antibiotics occasionally after intercourse, so I could have a vaginal one that might have spread to the urethra - is this possible/likely? Sorry for the long message, I'm just struggling to find something to get me out of this pain before work on Monday. Thanks in advance for the advice!

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    I would definitely check back with your doctor. Cipro should start clearing a uti within hours, not days. I went that route for a few months before I was diagnosed and would up terrified that I'd become some freak who was resistant to antibiotics. IC has a wide range of symptoms that might describe what you're feeling. I had a flare last week from a yeast infection, and I didn't have any sort of visual symptoms until day three of it. I treated it with acidophilus tablets, but I think before you go that route, you should check in with your doctors. You wouldn't want your flare to get worse, or try to treat the wrong thing.


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      Check in with your doc. if your not feeling better. They may need to do more checkin and try something else.
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        since your not yet diagnosed I am including some basic info

        both blood and white blood cells can be because of IC. You may want to go back and get a culture because the only thing that means bacteria is bacteria.

        Might yeast cause some of this? Usually not by itself but to an already dammaged bladder that has yeast in it ouch!!! I suspect possible and even though do believe I had yeast in my bladder blood was not a common thing for me at all.
        Burning though when I have that symptom is usually becaus of yeast or Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD)....and yeast can begin a PFD flare.

        If your taking antibiotics a lot you really should take a probiotic of some kind with it to avoid your risk of yeast. Even if you don't feel normal yeast symptoms it can help prevent you from confussing symptoms if you prevent there from being even a little.

        One thing a UTI can do is begin a Pelvic Floor Dysfunction....and the infection can get clear but sometimes you need to relearn how to relax to minimize that burning. pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) learning to relax the muscles treatment options symptoms of PFD and more
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        acidophilus one of the most common probiotics is not a worry to take I do think if your taking an antibiotic that often your body may really need it. Regardless, you need to know for sure what is going on and that needs the help of a doctor.

        I do think it is worth it to mention though that yeast can be a big contributor to symptoms wihtout it being vaginal or in the bladder itself...since in your body it is a big part of IBS (irrital bowel syndrome) it often causes gas which can mean extra pressure on the bladder.

        I hope you feel better soon!
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        IC Volunteers are not medical authorities nor do we offer medical advice. In all cases, we strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.
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          I had the same problem you had , I haven't been diagnosed with IC yet but my Doctor thinks it is. I had to go to the urgent care and same thing I had a severe uti and also that caused a flare . The doctor gave me a 14 day antibiotic theraphy and hoped that after that I was going to be pain free . The burning went away but the urgency and frequebcy lasted a few weeks after.They took a culture and after 14 days they found no more infection. Good luck with your pain I hope you have some pain meds. Loren.

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            One thing I suggest you try is to look in the Patient Handbook at and find the IC diet. Just eliminating some of the most common triggers, such as fruit juices, especially cranberry, coffee, tea, and sodas might help your irritated bladder.

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              My doctor decided to "investigate" my symptoms further after I called complaining that the Cipro was not working, and if anything making me worse! He said "thats becuase your culture came back negative." I asked why he prescribed the anti's to begin with and he said becuase I had lots of pus in my urine. He told me to keep taking the cipro. I didn't. Thats part of my problem with this uro, he doesn;t beleive me. Well anyways, I react not only to cipro, but bactrim and macrodantion as well.

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                Thank you all for the replies. I guess I'm just freaking out about this because I don't know what's going on. For once I can't wait to go to the gyno! (only a few more days!)