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Different kinds of catheters??

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  • Different kinds of catheters??

    Hi Gals.
    I have a question regarding catheters. I am starting instillations this Thursday( I am very nervous to say the least). I am having the heperain, lydocaine,steroid,biocarbonate cocktail instill. I am so worried that it will cause major side effects or make me much worse or have an allergic reaction and swell my bladder up. I am so nervous, especially after reading that heperain is a blood thinner.

    My question is, I was thinking about asking to learn these treatments myself and do them myself at home. I am going to ask the nurse if I can do these instills myself if they happen to help, because it is going to be way to expensive for me to drive to the hopsital, pay for parking and the office fee every single week for who knows how long. She said it was a six week treatment. But I feel that if it works, then I will have to continue to do them likely.

    I was wondering about all the different catheters. I have had a cath put in before to check my post void residual once and the nurse used the red rubber one which was real soft. I did tell her I was latex sensitive and she said she had other types like silicone. She showed me both of them. The red latex rubber one was really soft and flexible and the other one seemed much stiffer. I decided on the latex red one since it seemed much softer. Though I would like to use one that is not latex. Have any of you used the silicone ones and did it hurt more going in since it is not as soft and flexibile as the red rubber ones? I have a sensitive urethra as it is.

    Also, where do you order the catheters from to do the instills at home or do you have to have a precsription from your doctor? My hubby and I found a health store near my house that sells them without a prescription in case I need them, but I am undecided on which one to get if I should need to buy them. WHen I felt the silicone one, it felt much stiffer than the red ones, but said on the package that it is much easier to insert and is smoother and easier to use.I did not get that. I would think the softer it is, the less painful it would be.Also the silicone ones are short ones made just for women, like only 6 inches long and I believe like 14 french whatever that means. Is that considered big or small? Any suggestions and info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ladies.