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In a Flare and feel like I am going to scream

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  • In a Flare and feel like I am going to scream

    I had my first hydro in Jan. and was told I have IC. I started researching and writing down everything I read on this board for times like this. This is the worst flare I have had and after the hydro was pretty bad. Yesterday I ate a sandwich at Subway (just turkey and mozz. cheese) then had plain vanilla ice cream at Dairy Queen, it is also time for my period. Which of these could have done this or is it possible the hydro is wearing off and everything bad is just going to start coming back (this is my worst fear). I don't think the hydro gave me 100% relief, but this is the worst I have felt since. I am also on an antibiotic for a sinus infection. How do you figure out what caused what and how do you fix it? I can't take the Elmiron due to side effects, so I am on no meds except the antibiotic at the moment. I have Elavil here that my uro gave me, will it help with the frequency(I have been going every 30 minutes today)? Iread aboutthe baking soda and water, does this help with frequency? I also read on a post about mixing up your own MSM gel for uretheral pain, how do I do that? Sorry about so many questions, I just don't know who else to talk to. My husband tries, but when I start hurting bad he shuts down and freezes and my mother is impossible to even bring up the subject with, she is more interested in if I made my bed today. I have two beautiful girls ages 10 and 6 and I hate what this disease has done to their lives. Thanks again for letting me vent, today is just not good!!!!!!!!!

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    My suggestion would be to take the elavil to see if it helps. Elavil can do a good job of controlling pain. It could be the antibiotic that's irritating your bladder. And it could be the DQ ice cream --- sometimes they add some strange things to soft ice cream.

    I hope you feel better very soon.

    Stay safe

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      Thank you Donna!!!!!! I took your advice and tried the Elavil for the first time last night and today I am tired, but I went 4 hours in between the last two times I went to the restroom. I hope it stays this way, still a little crampy but can handle that. I think I am going to skip Dairy Queen from now on!!!!!!Does the Elavil usually work that fast? I ordered the Cysta-Q, has this helped anyone? How long does it take to work?


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        I'm sorry you feel bad, but glad the Elavil helped a bit. Keep taking it. It does dull your nerve sensations.

        I think either thing you ate could have caused the issue. The problem with deli meats and cheeses, esp. at fast food restaurants, is that they are loaded with preservatives, and probably nitrates and nitrites.

        The soft-serve ice cream could have a whole host of artificial ingredients to make its texture that way.

        I've pretty much steared clear of restaurant food besides some sushi/sashime with zero wasabit or soy sauce, of course, and waffles or pancakes with butter/powdered sugar.

        I guess I'm just not that brave regarding all the hidden ingredients in our foods these days.

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