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  • Omg Omg Omg!!!!!!!!!

    I had been feeling really good for 3 days straight. Last night, I ate a Kellogg's All Bran bar. I thought it would be okay, but wondered about all the B vitamins in the ingredient list.

    WELLLLLLL Last night at 12am I woke up with STABBING pain. OMG I felt like my insides were being torn out. I literally crawled down the stairs to find the Vicaden and heating pad. Within 1 1/2 hours I was able to go back to sleep. I am heading to the uro for an instillation treatment in 15 minutes THANK GOD. I took another pain pill this morning and am still 'crampy'.

    Seriously, is this what a flare is like?? I always wondered what a flare was like since I've been in constant pain anyway for 5 months. I was feeling so good. Now I feel terrible. I cannot believe an ALL BRAN bar could do so much damage, that is absolutely totally ridiculous. THIS SUCKS!!!!

    I am really beginning to see food as the enemy. As unhealthy as it is, eating sucks and I certainly don't do it for pleasure anymore.

    Do you think they will ever find a cure?

    -Miserable Jen

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    Definitely hoping for a cure very soon. There's constant research going on and I have faith that it will happen!

    Sending warm well wishes,
    Stay safe

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      For me, I cut out all bad things in my diet, which there were not to many since my diet has always been bland due to my other health issues with my tum. I honestly dont think diet has anything to do with whether I get a flare or not. I have been eating the same bland diet for a long time, and I am in constant pain no matter what I eat. Though I am sure if I drank a glass of orange juice, I would be in more agony. But I dont think diet makes to much a difference for me. I can eat the same thing everyday and be ok, then all of a sudden be in horrid pain even while on the IC diet. I am even on a gluten free diet as well as it helps my stomach and digestion. But I still have horrid bladder pain. This is awful. I feel there is no light at the end of this tunnel.


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        So sorry Jen! I couldn't (still can't) tolerate the "B" vitimans. Stinks. I don't eat very many veggies because of that.

        I hope you feel will find your trigger foods.
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          Those bars also have a bunch of preservatives in them that some ICers are sensitive to... ugh. I'm sorry you flared from one!!! Hope the instill and the pain medication helps. Just relax afterwards if you can; sit with your heating pad and read a good book or watch a fun movie... Then doze off and take a nap if you can. At least, that's my bad flare strategy... did that last Friday when I flared so bad I had to leave work at 2pm...

          Anyway, yes, I do think a cure will be found. These bizarre diseases can take a while to figure out, but each year, more and more money is devoted to IC research, and more and more urology specialists become interested in the disease. With all the new manpower (and womanpower ) coming in, I'm sure there will be a cure eventually. :woohoo:

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            AAHH! Stay away from Kellogg's All-Bran! I can eat all kinds of "bad IC food" - and that stuff was irritating me to no end last week! I guess the whole product line is tainted. For me, it was the aspartame (artificial sweetener) in it. I still have it in my cabinet, and every time I see it I scowl.

            So, let me emphatically repeat - Kellogg's All-Bran is bad for IC!


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              lucky charms...and cookie crisp cereal bothered me.

              but i have no problem w/ peanut butter captain crunch.
              its my favorite
              if i am flaring i will eat this cereal 3 x day!!!
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                Hope your feeling well soon.
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                  I'm feeling better tonight but b/c I had an instillation treatment, 2 doses of vicadin and 1 dose of pyridium.

                  I did eat another huge bowl of stir-fry veggies tonight. If it is the B vitamins and not the perservatives I may be in for another rough night.

                  This is all so hard to figure out! I simply don't know what to eat.