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Update after bladder instill

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  • Update after bladder instill

    Hi Gals.
    Well, it is MOnday and now I am having some sharp pains in my bladder. They feel like they are in the upper vagina, but I would guess this is in my bladder close to the bladder neck. I did not have this before the instill.
    I did feel less pain and frequency yesterday somewhat though. BUt not a ton.
    I am not sure what to do next. I am suppose to do these instills every Friday. I obviously had a reaction to the instill as it caused me to swell and not be able to pee, plus I did have alot of pain after wards that night. It took a whole day and half to get my urine stream back to my so called normal.
    I would be willing to maybe try the instill again, but I have to have them leave out a couple of the meds because I am sure I had a reaction to one of them. Here is the problem: I dont know which med made me not be able to pee and swelled things up. I was thinking it could have been the marcaine since this likely numbed the nerves, though I am not 100% sure. The Four drugs they put in the instill were : Heperain, marcaine,kennalog,and biocarbonate.
    Which one of these would have been more likely to cause me to loose feeling down there and swell me up where I could not pee? Do you think it was the marcaine since it is a numbing agent?
    They put in like over 90ccs of liquid all together. Is it possible to ask them to just maybe use the kennalog which is a steroid, and maybe the heperain? Would this even work?
    I just dont know what to do, but I surely do not want to be like I was this last Friday again with not being able to pee at all and in worse pain. I do feel a little less pain now and yesterday, but the pain I went through was not worth it and now I have these sharp pains in my bladder which I did not have to much of before. Any suggestions on what I should do? Should I try the instill again, but insist they leave out the marcaine and maybe biocarb? I just dont know which of the meds messed me up though. I feel I am losing hope here. I dont think this doc offers much else in terms of relief. The nurse said that the instills are all that works and all her patients have success with them. They acted like what happened to me with not being able to pee after the instill never happens to anyone. SO I am guessing it was a reaction. I just feel lost now. Thanks for listening gals. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.