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Anyone Elses Urine small bad?

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  • Anyone Elses Urine small bad?

    Hi Gals.
    This is sort of a gross question ( I apologize), but I notice that my urine smells bad at times (like a dead rat or something). I know, what a sick description, but I cant think of any other way to describe it. Do any of you ever notice this with you urine? And yes as sick as this sounds, I do sniff my pee as weird as that sounds , but lately I guess since having IC I pay more attention to my pee, like the color and odor and such. Just wondering if any of you gals have this problem with having smelly pee. Thanks.

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    I don't have that problem but I do know that it could be a sign of an infection. I'd strongly suggest that you consult with your physician.
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      Hi Sacausa,
      Thanks for the advice. I thought about it being an infection, but it comes and goes. I even was wondering if it could be from the medication I started last week (lyrica). It is weird. I have no clue if I have an infection or not since I am in alot of pain all the time. I went a week ago to drop off urine because I felt like I was getting a UTI and my culture was clean. It is hard for me because there are alot of times I feel like I am getting a UTI and my cultures are clear, but then a month ago, I did have an infection. And those home test strips are useless as they never pick up if I have an infection. Thanks for the advice.


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        Honestly, the only time I've ever had smelly pee, it was an infection. Although you can also get an odd smell from eating certain foods (asparagus is a big offender there!). Maybe try to keep notes on what you ate on the "smelly" days?

        Listen, nothing is too gross for this forum! We've heard it all. Keep on posting any time you have a question, gross or otherwise.
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          Infection is a possiblity and also if you are not drinking enough water that can cause very strong smelling urine.

          Sometimes and this includes me too, because with IC we go to the bathroom more, we then cut back on our fluid intake and that is not good. Try drinking more and see if that helps.

          I also could see certain medications also causing this.

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            I also have problem at times with a strong urine smell..I think people who don't drink enough water may have this problem..I would try drinking more water to flush it all out your system or call your doctor..Maybe you are even having a vaginal bacterial infection which could be causing the smell..
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              Thanks for the replies ladies.
              I actually do drink alot of water (probably 3 liters a day and more some days). My urine is almost always light in color which means I am hydrating enough. I will metion it to the doctor though if it continues with the smell. I wonder if it could be the lyrica though since I noticed this after starting the drug last week. It does not smell real awful all the time, just at certain times. I also thought about something inmy diet causing the smell, but everything I eat is soooo bland and I have not really changed my diet at all. Basically I eat baked chicken (no spices), vegetables (mixed,carrots, green beans, corn,) potatoes, or sweet potatoes, an Occasional piece if bread(gluten free). So basically it is pretty bland. I also drink some herbal teas such as vanilla honey chammomile, or bluberry leaf tea, usually only a cup in the morning and maybe one in the evening. Thats about it as far as the things I usually eat on any given day.
              Thanks for the info, and I will mention it to the doctor when I see her or if I get worse.


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                Actually I have to admit that my urine sometimes smells off, and not only when I have an infection. (actually NEVER when I've had an infection). It seems to come and go with me, and while its possibly food related, I have basically ridden it off as some IC issue for me. Its never been so bad as to bother me though, I've just noticed it. And, to be honest, I always smell after I wipe too. Just to keep "track" of whats going on down there kinda.....


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                  That's one of the ways I know I have a really severe infection! My pee usually doesn't smell during a flare but when it's become an infection and that too a bad one, the smell is strong and the color is very dark too. Thanks for asking these questions! It validates other people who are going through the same thing Be blessed!
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                    Count me in. It is most severe when I have an infection as well.

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                      Does anyone else have cells in their urine?

                      I don't know if this is a symptom of the disease or something else...just diagonosed March 19 after a long period of not knowing....


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                        Jen I too have a rancid urine odor. My husband almost gagged one night when he smelled it. I am seeing my Uro on Monday.
                        Did you ever find the cause? Was it an infection?

                        Please let me know.You can PM if you want.