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OMG,OMG,OMG Major Flare!

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  • OMG,OMG,OMG Major Flare!

    I thought I had my IC under control but after having a series of rescue instillations last month. I really haven't had a flare this entire month until the this week. The burning has steadily gotten worse each day. I went to see my uro Tuesday to see if it was a uti and the dipstick test was negative and the results of the culture of the 3-day culture also came back negative.
    I have been watching my diet real close and I have eleminated the sodas and coffee completely and bam! out of nowhere comes this flare. My MS symptoms have also been on the increase. Having both of these diseases is very frustating. I am begining to think they are intertwined somehow. My bladder feels full almost all the time even imediately after I pee. I am leaking more than ever. I have had that ever since was diagnosed with MS. It's hard to tell if my pain and bladder spasms are due to the MS or IC or both. This sooooooo fustrating and confusing I guess I probably need to have another round of Instillations. I am stressing out over this as the Co-Pays on my husbands insurance are taking a toll on our finances. So this flare maybe snowballing on me due to the stress. It's a vicious cycle. I need some relief and I need it need it now! Please pray for me.
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    I am multi-diseased with : MS, IC, IBS, and PDF

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    Diagnosed with IBS - Sept 23, 2008

    Diagnosed with PFD - Oct 1, 2008

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    Praying for your healing Natalie. I know how frustrating it can be when you feel like you're doing better and all of a sudden a flare comes out of nowhere. This has happened to me these last few months. I was doing great in 06 and now I've had at least 2 infections and many flares in 07. I'll keep praying for some direction from God and also His provision so that if the tests are neccessary; in some way or the other, He will provide the neccessary finances Please know that you are not alone in this journey. Blessings.
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      Stay safe

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        Sure hope you feel better soon and that flare eases up for you.


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          Natalie you poor thing!!!

          Those instillations were susposed to help you!!! Yikes! I know I say it to everyone, but pyridium otc Uristat or Azo Standard helps me so much! As far as you MS flaring as well, I find I get flares when I have something else going on like a cold(which is obviously nothing compared to the pain of MS) Hang in there and take it easy, be good to yourself and try to relax as much as possible to give your body a chance to heal. Sending hugs and warm wishes...

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