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Anyone else take macrobid antibiotic??

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  • Anyone else take macrobid antibiotic??

    Hey Gals.
    Do any of you take or have you taken macrobid antibiotics before? I am on them now for a possible UTI. I was wondering if it aggravted your bladder at all? I have taken 3 pills so far, I am suppose to take them twice a day. I feel like it makes my bladder feel swollen or inflammed more or something. And my whole pelvic area feels swollen inside. I also feel like it makes me not able to get all my pee out. Not sure if it is the med doing this or not, but it seems like it. I told the nurse today about the feelings I am having and she said that macrobid is suppose to have the least side effects of all the anti-Bs there are out there. But she also said that women with IC tend to feel things more in the bladder and have more side effects with the meds. I was just curious if any of you ever experienced this. Thanks.

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    I was just on macrobid a few weeks ago. I have to stop taking it becasuse it caused me to be really nausious and throw up everthing I was eating. I didn't have that feeling of my bladder feeling swollen probably because I couldn't hold down the medicine. I hope you feel better


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      i take it
      i actually take it preventatively

      after prevent uti's

      i have no probelms

      if you have a uti
      thats what it might be

      but i would keep taking them
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        I take it too as preventative; it makes me nauseous only if I haven't eaten, otherwise it works great.
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