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    Hi, I hope someone out there can help me. First question, Does anyone know if drinking Nonfat Supreme milk is ok or can we have problems with it because of the extra protien? Second, does anyone out there know if there is a time when Prelief stopped working for them. Third, what other products do you use to stop hot urine. That is my major complaint, which I was able to get a hold on with the prelief. It doesn't seem as effective as in previous months. And the last question. Does anyone out there have a problem with taking Urised (sp?). I'm not sure that it helps much. It did when I had a bladder infection, but that was awile back. Please resond if you have any answers to all this. I would so much appreciate it. You can also answer me at my private e-mail address [email protected]. Thank you for all you help. Don't know what I would do with out you guys out there. Judy G

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    Urised helps me in a flare with overall bladder pain, though I notice it does cause some stinging. Pyridiym is also helpful for me during a flare, but it makes me very nauseous, so I have to pick between the two "evils" when I need to take something! I generally prefer Urised.


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      I can't tolerate the nonfat milk with additives; it just generally upsets my system. I do okay with 1% milk so that's what I use. Are you drinking enough water? If you don't get enough, it can make the urine concentrated and have a hot feeling.

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          For IC, Pyridium is my best friend. I also have really hot/ burning urine (esp. when I flare). Pyridium helps a lot. Be careful with it though, my urologist said that you can over do it. If you take TOO much pyridium it can CAUSE flares and bladder irritation. I think that happened to me during my last flare... I took the pyridium for too long and made everything unbearably worse. Pyridium is great though if you don't take too much. My urologist put me on Detrol-LA purely as a pain drug. Detrol helps stop your bladder from spasming, and I did notice it helped with the searing heat pain. I'm not sure if thats what you mean by "hot" but it helped me.


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            I agree with Donna, make sure you're drinking enough water. Concentrated urine is really 'hot' for me too. That said, if you're talking about that burning sensation, I've found that tums help. I've heard others try the baking soda and water trick, but I can't imagine being able to stomach it.

            Also, pyridium for me is a double edge sword. When I'm really flaring, it does help with the spasms and constant need to urniate. But, it also causes burning and irritation at the same time. So, I only take it when I really need it.


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              I was told that taking Pyridium even frequently would do no harm. He explained that it was a numbing agent and it would irritate the bladder...
              I take it almost every day. It seems to cool off that hot pee we all talk about to. I don't know what I will do if it stops working or starts causing problems for me.
              I can only drink Herizon Organic Fat Freet Milk. It also tastes very good.
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                I take Urised all the time for maintenance. My uro said for the minimal amounts I take it is fine if it helps. I have been on it forever and because my IC is pretty mild it does help.