Hey guys, I'm in a current flare, very painful. When I went to the doc on tuesday my blood pressure was 144/110. It is the bottom number that concerns them. They asked me if I had high BP before and I said yes and that I honestly think it coincides with awful flare up.

I'm an OTR & work at a hospital and when I work with patients that cannot speak (for whatever reason) we look at their BP to tell us if they are in pain.

But my doctor says my BP is way to high for pain to be the complete explanation.

I just got put on Neurontin, Singulair, & Zantac this week. The only thing I took before was Atarax. The doctor said she wanted to see if the BP goes down after my pain goes down.

I was on calciulm-channel blockers a few years ago b/c of high BP but my doc (a diff one at the time) pulled me off b/c there were times that my blood pressure would get so low I would PASS OUT! And I was on the lowest dose possible.

Anybody else had high blood pressure ? I am in good physical shape.....so I don't get it!

Anybody know?