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At the end of my rope need advice..........

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  • lnseagraves
    I am so sorry to hear youre in such constant suffering. Could you work from home? I mean bring your current job home? Then you could "sit" any way is most comfortable to you, even lying propped up in bed with a laptop if need be. I will pray for you.

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  • Kirs10
    started a topic At the end of my rope need advice..........

    At the end of my rope need advice..........

    I have been in extreme pain for over 6 months I have been missing work and am on the verge of being fired.........I take vicoden and percocet for the pain and it does help but then I flare and I am in even more pain than before. I have diverticulosis so when it acts up i have an ic flare that is just excrutiating. I am not sure what do I am have had the interstim implant done and that didn't help much I have had a hydrodistention in the last three weeks. I am just so depressed I have been out of work for the last three days I just can't even handle sitting at a computer for work. I just need to vent a little and see if anyone knows of what my next step should be.
    There aren't any pain managements things that anyone in this area that will help me. I am in major pain and am just really depressed.