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Chills and cold sweats, what could cause this??

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  • Chills and cold sweats, what could cause this??

    Hey Gals.
    Last night I had the chills and cold sweats all night. I also felt my bladder was in worse pain. I wonder if this could be another UTI. I had one a little over a month ago that was found on a culture. Then I had my second intsill not this past week, but the week before and swore I got a UTI from it so I called my urogyne on a Sunday and she prescribed to me anti-B's for 5 days. I finished them just this past Friday. Well, last night my bladder felt alot worse again. Then I started getting the chills and cold sweats. This happened to me before, I think when I had an infection.
    Could this be a new infection or could it be the same one but it just did not go away? I cant figure what could be causing all these infections if it is an actual infection. It is hard to compare when I have a UTI or if it is IC since I get alot of pain with the IC as it is. The only thing that sends up a red flag is the chills and cold sweats I got. I mean I thought maybe it is female related also(the chills and cold sweats), but I am only 32 so I dont think it is menopause. I also have a dischage from the vagina, but no itch or burn there so I dont think it is a yeast infection either.
    I think I will call the nurse today since I cant harldy ever get hold of my urogyne. I am waiting to see a new urogyne, but dont see him till the 17th. I am not to happy with the one I see now. Have any of you ladies ever gotten these cold sweats and what caused them? I am worried. Also, is it normal for women with IC to get constant UTI's?

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    I think it could be all of the above.

    1.Infection never went away.
    2.New infection

    I would go and checked out for sure. The chills are a sure sign of an infection for me but we are all different. I always get really bloated with yeast. I had an anual and after the culture they told me I had yeast but I didn't have itching/burning. I hope you feel better soon!

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      You definitely need to be checked --- and I suggest you specifically request that a culture be done to be certain you are on the correct antibiotic if you do have an infection.

      Stay safe

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        Thanks Erika and Donna.
        Oh I am sooo mad right now I could scream. I just called my doctor and talked to the nurse. I told her my symptoms and she asked if I had a fever and I said no, just the chills and sweats. She then said, "Oh you dont likely have any UTI then, since you have no fever." I told her that I never get a fever when I have a UTI, only chills and sweats.
        She then said, " oh jennifer we have done work up on you, and all your urinealysis's were fine. " I then had to tell her that the urinealysis's usually never pick up my infections. Only the culture will.
        She then said she would talk to the doctor and have someone get back to me. I am sick of these nurses trying to play doctor. Also, I am sick of having to have my messages relayed back and fourth between a bunch of nurses. I mean here I talked to this nurse and she tells me she will talk to the doctor and have the other nurse get back to me. What the heck is that all about. Talk about a miscommunication issue.
        The nurse even told me I should go to my regular doctor that I likely have a viral infection causing my chills. If I could of slapped her over the phone I would have. I dont have any viral infection. I have no other symptoms except for more bladder pain. I would think with a viral infection I would have other issues like body aches and pains or some other symptoms at least.
        I am so frustratd. Now I have no clue what to do if my urogyne wont even do a culture. Thank God I am getting a different opinion next week with a different doctor. I just pray he is better than this one.
        Thanks Ladies. I am just so frustrated.


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          I had chills and cold sweats, mild fever with my severe symptoms of IC. It was only the IC.....


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            I've had the chills and sweats at times after having the heparin done too. Figured it must be just from that because I never had a UTI either when that happened.


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              could just be the flu
              i had it last week
              for 2 days
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                Definately needs to be checked out. Hope you feel better soon.


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                  I've had chills and cold sweats with withdrawals from Morphine and Oxycontin withdrawals.


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                    I dont think it is the flu as I have no body aches that would likely accompany the flu or any other symptoms for that matter except the bladder pain, chill, sweats.
                    The nurse said my dipstick test was normal so she does not think I have an infection, but will wait and see what the culture says.
                    Also, I am not even on any type of pain meds as my urogyne does not believe in them at all and says that anyone who takes them will become an addict. She obviously has no idea about pain or how it feels to have it constantly.