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Seeing new urogyne tomorrow

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  • Seeing new urogyne tomorrow

    Hi gals,
    Well, I have my appointment to see the new urogyne tomorrow. Please pray for me that this doctor will be the one who will help me!! I am getting so tired of going from doctor to doctor and getting no where. The urogyne I see now currently is not bad, as she knows all the lateest treatments with the heperain,kenalog,marcaine,biocarb instills, but has a bad bed side manner and is not willing to compromise with things. She works her office like a factory. Everyone is treated the same.
    I done three instills, and am suppose to do a fourth this Friday, but I am hoping this new doc is better. The instills help me some with the pain, but also cause me retention and I am unable to pee the meds out and have to cath myself to get it out. My doc would not work with me or even try and reduce the meds, she just reduced the marcaine to 25ccs after I complained long enough, but that is all she would do. I still enede up with the retention issue though. Her answer is " so what, just self cath yourself." To me that is not the answer. I am suseptible to getting UTI's as it is and dont want to cath unless I absolutely have to. I mean I would think she should have tried lowering the dose of the meds even more before we do anything else. But she would not listen.
    Lets hope this new guy is better! Please keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for me ladies . Thanks.

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    I know you've been going through alot latley.I really hope this dr will help you. I know its frustrating to find a really good dr... but it takes alot of patience. I know it dont have alot of patience but god will help you with that. I will be praying for you. Keep you head up and remember we are al here for you!


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      Thanks Rachel, I appreciate it.