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Help-I Think it is Time to Find Pain Clinic

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  • Help-I Think it is Time to Find Pain Clinic

    Ok, as you know I met ihurtoo (Amy) yesterday at her pain clinic appt., and we discussed my doctor is willing to prescribe some pain meds, but today I am so depressed, because I am a 12 on a 1-10 pain scale and fear of taking the pain meds I need to function, due to I don't know if I will get more. I was feeling pretty good yesterday and after lunch I came home and mowed my yard. I am just in such a funk, because I want to do these things, I need to do them (money wise) and if I do, I suffer for at least two days.

    So maybe it is time to get a referral to Amy's pain dr. I feel so desparate right now, so low, I am usually a very upbeat, ready to go type gal.

    I know my friends here support me and will tell me to lay down, but as a single mom with a son who has a ball game at 5:00 and we have to be there in like 30 min. I have to go on. I am hooked up to my TENS, look like a robot, but for once I will not be in fashion. I just hope I can stand it for the two hours I have to be at the ball field. If Trent's grandparents were coming I would sit in car and watch or even come home, but they aren't able to come, so I must go. Sorry to be having such a pity party. But I am tired, tired, tired of this.

    Thanks for reading...No response necessary but it always makes me feel better just to vent to you guys or ya'll as we say in the South.
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    I am sorry that you are having such a rough day. To help you decide what to do, you might want to have a talk with your Uro about this on your next visit and just tell her that you worry about taking your meds because you never know when you will get more, and that you always fear that you will need them more later and may not be able to get them then. Then, ask your Dr. straight up how often she is expecting you to "make 'em last" for. You are not going to be able to make this descion until you know what she is willing (and unwilling) to do for you, and if she hasnt laid it on the line yet, as painful as it is to do it, you gotta ask. This is not something unreasonable you are asking. After all, since there is no cure for IC, you know you are going to be in pain again and need to be able to schedule your meds. Hopefully, she will be able to tell you what she is and is not comfortable doing. Then, if you are going to require more than she is comfortable doing for you, then it is time to get a referral to a Pain Clinic.

    One other thing that might help you get an idea of what she is comfortable doing, is by looking at what she has r/xed so far. You can call you pharmacy tomorrow and ask them to send you a print out for all the meds you have filled in the last year. When you look at them, you should be able to see a pattern emerge. (For example that you are filling a r/x for 30 Lortabs every month, 2 weeks, or whatever.) Then, only you can decide if your pain has been managed well by that amount. If not, and your Dr. is unwilling to change the med or increase the amount enough that you can function, then it is time to get a referral to a pain clinic.

    I hope that your Dr. is willing to work with you so you dont have to take that step. But, if not, as you saw yesterday, there is nothing to the appts there. They are all pretty much like the one you saw. The only bad thing is that pain clinics usually require visits once a month, and they wont call anything in if something happens after hours. But, other than that, it has been great. It has been a lifesaver for me. Even though my pain is not totally controlled right now, it is still way better than when I first started there. And, as you saw yesterday, they are still trying to get it down to where it needs to be. We all deserve to be able to function and do ordinary things without pain.

    I really hope you figure this out soon and get to feeling better.

    If there is anything I can help with or you have any questions, feel free to pm me or give me a call.



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        You are always welcome to vent! Take care of yourself and don't be afraid to get a referal to the pain clinic.


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          Please take the advise of the others, if you need to get a referral to a pain clinic. They are lifesavers to us.


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            I feel for you, you are not alone. This my pain levels are almost always at a 10 and usually much higher. I tried my first pain med the other night, and it helped with the baldder pain, but it made me severely sick to my stomach and I had a hard time to pee. You just cant win it seems with this disease. I hope you get some relief soon. Big Hugs!