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  • stressssssss

    I am going in for a Urodynamics study this afternoon, and I'm very nervous about this test. I know they use a small catheter, but I've never had one while awake before... Then next week, an office cysto. It seems like ever since I saw my Uro, my symptoms have gotten worse. Is it in my head? Is it the stress of not knowing what is wrong that is causing my symptoms to get worse? Or...

    It seems like the weather here, in Las Vegas has gotten bad... Windy and it even Rained the other day (Rain? What's that?)... My allergies are bothering me more in this past month. I've read that IC patients have Mast Cells in their bladders. Are my symptoms related to my allergies? Allergies are VERY common in Nevada!

    My Uro put me on Enablex, it doesn't seem to do a thing for me... It's been 2 weeks. Right now, I wish a toilet was sitting right next to me in my cube at work. I find myself going to a different bathroom each time so the same people don't see me LOL. And when I get back to my desk, I still feel like I gotta go...

    Thanks for letting me rant
    dx: Spastic Bladder, chronic hematuria (that went away?), kidney stone... possible IC

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    My urodynamics test gave my uro alot of answers, so I am glad I went through it. I can't say it was pleasant, mostly embarrassing for me. I did have a lot of spasms afterwards, but my dr. saw me right after and gave me prescriptions for a muscle relaxer and pain meds and told me to go home and take a nice warm bath. By that night, I had recovered. Good Luck. By the way Love Las Vegas, usually come at least once a year and we have been coming in Oct. and it has rained the last 3 years. Yuk.


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      test is EASY!!!

      except...afterwards..they wanted me to pee with all these tubes in me..
      and i couldn't

      they had to take them out...and let me pee
      but..they still got what they needed

      i think it ruled out OVERACTIVE BLADDER
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        My test was a little painful. I feel like I have a sensitive urethra though. The test is so important for your uro to have. Don't be scared you will do great, and the results will help the uro treat you better!

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