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HELP! During this flare I have caught everything else....

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  • HELP! During this flare I have caught everything else....

    I am not sure if everyone else is the same way, BUT everytime I am in a flare mild or severe, I catch cold after cold after cold. I will go to the doctor, get meds which will sometime help the IC (antihistamines) and will be better cold wise for a couple of weeks and here it comes again. I catch everything out there when I am in a flare. Does anyone else do this? Getting really depressed these days about this disease but trying to hide it and PUSHING myself for family. My babies are so busy with preparing for a dance recital and being undefeated in baseball. I do not have time for a flare and oh did I mention I had a hydro done 3 weeks ago. Follow up appt. is April 26th! Taking meds, drinking water, avoiding food period........

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    Have you considered the possibility that you might have an allergic condition, rather than colds? It's worth mentioning to your doctor.

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      Oh yes, I have been all kind of prescription allergy medicines and I have a funny system that breaks down meds. differently. Most of the meds either made my blood pressure high or my heart palpitate. So they took me off of it and I have done great without it which makes them think that it was not allergys just a weak immune system. I have a full blown cold each time, throat hurting, ears popping and throbbing, congested to the point where I have no idea where all the stuff is packed....the whole head throbs and I ache all over. This is 3rd one since February. THANKS FOR ASKING!!! I have just read that IC is also an Autoimmune Disease so I just always take it at that....bladder flares--so a few weeks later here comes the cold! (or stomach virus, chicken pox, strep throat, bronchitis, pnuemonia) It's crazy how the body works because I take things to prevent colds and such and my body just can not fight things off when I am down with my bladder.