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Is this a case of IC? I am going out of my mind here...Help please!

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  • amartaingirl

    i hope for your sake its not IC

    i think alot of pregant people have that the baby is sitting on their bladder.

    i wouldn't worry too much about it.
    as worry is not good for IC

    but if you notice your symptoms increasing...if you drink soda, OJ, or coffee..
    then it may be IC

    well be here if you need us

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  • vm
    Detrol LA is one of the meds I have tried to stop, but every single time I do a flare begins. It's one I will be on forever, probably. It does help some ICers, but as with any medication - it helps some and doesn't help others.

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  • kari1980
    NO, the detrol did not help me at all, and I'm pretty sure that is the same with most ICer's..I'm sorry your having such a tough time, especially being pregnant that has to be really hard on you..Wishing you the best.


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  • ICNDonna
    I'd like to add another to the IC Network. I also encourage you to give the IC diet a try.

    Warm healing thoughts,

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  • Sarojini
    You got great advice already... so I'm just going to say

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  • leelee88

    I think Amy has some great advice..

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  • ihurttoo
    I am so sorry that you are having all these symptoms. Though it sounds like IC, so many women who are expecting have similar symptoms, so it could be pregnacy related.....I just dont know. But, I pray for your sake that this will go away when your baby is born.

    I realize they cant do the cysto/hyrdo now, but there is another test that they might be able to do. It is called the Potassium Sensitivity Test. I am not sure if it is safe to do when a lady is pregnant or not. Some of the others here or your Dr. may know. Anyway, if it IS safe to do it, then I would definately go for it so you can at least get some answers.

    Meanwhile, there are still several things that you can do that would be safe for you and the baby. The first would be to go ahead and start the IC Diet. Even if you dont have IC, it wont hurt you. And if you DO have IC, it could make a huge difference in your symptoms. Here is the link to where you will find it. It is in the patient handbook and there is also alot of other great information in there.

    Also, you might ask your Dr. to prescribe a TENS unit. It is an electronic device that you wear. It has leads that you attach to different locations and it sends pulses to your bladder, back, or wherever the pain is. Many patients find this helps alot. It sort of distracts the nerves. It is hard to explain, but there is info about it in the patient handbook too.

    Regarding the pain, I know that there are several ICers whose Drs have allowed them to take a small amount of pain meds when needed. Mine did. I took Mepergahan-Fortis (Demoral w/ Phenegrin) from about the 5th month until I had my son. But, the first OB I saw would NOT give pain meds or nausea meds AT ALL! This seems to vary considerably from Dr. to Dr. Though you may love your Dr. otherwise, if you are suffering that much, you may need to switch to a more compassionate Dr. or at least go to a consultation with another to see if another Dr. could help you more. I just hate the thought of you suffering the whole time!

    Also, I am not sure if this is approved for Pregnancy, but hopefully someone else here or your Dr. will know, but you might look into Rescue instills. They give many of us alot of relief. Mine contain Lidocaine or sometimes Marcaine, heparin, sodium bicarb, and Kennalog. The Lidocaine and Marcaine numb the bladder giving significant relief. The kennalog is a steroid used to help with inflammation and things. There are different formulas, and I dont know, but it could be poss to do this while pregnant. (This is instilled into the bladder w/ a small cathater.) I do mine at home now when I need to, as do many ICers.

    But, another thing you can do now is to try Antacids like Tums. That is the thing w/ IC, generally when our urine is too acidic, it burns and causes more pain. So, antacids help neutralize it. (Of course, always ask your Dr. before you try anything someone suggests, but particularly since you are expecting!! We arent medical authorities or anything.) If you dont have Tums or another antacid, some ICers put a few Tsps of Baking soda in a glass of water and drink it and it can also neutralize the acid, (much quicker than the Tums.) IT is nasty tasting, but it can help!

    There are also some antihistimes that are safe to use during pregnancy. (But some arent) A Dr. or Pharmacist can tell you for sure which ones are ok or not. But, alot of ICers take antihistimines and are helped by those. Some require a r/x and some dont.

    Heating pads and or ice packs may also be helpful when flaring. They make those heat strips now that you can wear for when you are not near your heating pad.

    That's all I can think of right now, but hopefully others will have better ideas that can help. I hope for your sake that it isnt IC. But, if it is, then we will be here ready to help whenever you need us.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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  • JanL
    Sorry you are feeling so lousy. I know you are really frustrated and rightly so. It does sound a lot like IC, but I never had IC when I was pregnant. I just want you to know that there are people out there who do understand and empathize with you and what you are going through right now. Hope you feel better soon.


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  • Is this a case of IC? I am going out of my mind here...Help please!

    Hello everyone I am new to the thread and wanted to ask a few questions....

    I haven't been "officially" diagnosed with IC yet as I am pregnant and can't have the full cystoscopy under anesthesia until after the baby is born. I wanted to ask if any of you truly think this is IC. My OB and urologist seem to think so..

    My symptoms are EXTREME urinary frequency/urgency with negative urine cultures for a UTI. I have constant urges that my bladder is full even immediatly after voiding. I still feel like I have to go, but only a few drops come out. Plus, only after I go, I feel extreme pressure in my lower abdomen like a bowling bowl is there. Granted, I AM pregnant, but this feeling is completely different than where my baby is sitting. I'm not sure if I can classify this pressure as pain, perhaps sometimes. It's all confusing.

    I am at my wits end with the constant urge. This flare is lasting 3 weeks so far - going strong with no hope in sight. I can't even leave my house because the bladder pressure/urency is so strong, even though there is little to no urine in there. I force myself to wait to use the bathroom because I am afraid of the pressure/pain that comes after I void. Everyday, it's like careful timing. I feel like my bladder will explode, yet there's a tiny amount.

    I had a quick cystoscopy done while awake, and she said she saw no inflammation indicative of IC, yet she wrote me a script for Elmiron anyway...A very low dose (only 1 100mg. pill a day). Nothing for the pain that is safe for pregnancy was given...She said she doesn't really give pain meds. anyway. I tried Uristat (OTC) and it didn't work.

    I walked out of the clinic that day in disbelief...I wish she could feel my pain...I cried all the way home because I am just sick of this urgency feeling. I am so uncomfortable. The bathroom is like a torture chamber...I cringe at the sight of a toilet

    Does this sound like a classic case of IC? What else can it be? And, most importantly, WHAT can help for the urgency feeling???? It's not so much the pain as the urgency that gets me here...I want to feel satisfied after I void for once. Does 3 weeks with no let up of symptoms sound normal for an IC flare?

    Oh, and the urologist mentioned Detrol LA for the urgency (after pregnancy). Does that help for IC patients at all or is she clueless?

    Sorry for all these questions...I am so confused here. This has seemingly come out of no where suddenly...Although I do remember a short flare a few months ago that lasted a day or 2 (maybe a few flares). Why this is lasting so long is beyond me....

    Thanks for any responses/help I receive!! I greatly appreciate it!!