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Rescue instillations during pregnancy...Safe or not??

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  • Rescue instillations during pregnancy...Safe or not??

    Hello everyone,

    I am in the flare from h*ll (4 weeks and going strong), and I am 25 weeks pregnant. I made an appt. with yet another urologist to discuss options for treatment as I am nearly going out of my mind here. I am very interested in doing a rescue instillation, or just any instillation at that....Can this be done during pregnancy? If something isn't done soon, I think I will lose my mind............

    TIA for responses!!
    Diagnosed with IC April 2007
    Stage IV Endometriosis - April 2005

    Current Medications:

    Elmiron - 3x/day 100mg
    Elavil - 50mg at night
    Enablex - 15mg/day
    YAZ - Birth control to stop my period (Period = FLARE!)

    Additional Herbs & Supplements:

    Cystoprotek (6 pills/day)
    MSM/Glucosamine Capsules
    MSM gel (For Urethral Pain)
    Omega 3 Fish Oil
    Indole-3-Carbinol (For the Endometriosis)

    Too many medications for a 25 year old!

    I WILL conquer this disease!

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    I'm so sorry that you're having such a rough time. I don't have an answer for you regarding installations. However, I do know that my ob approved tums (and they help me) and the occational use of pyridium. Pyridium is now a class b drug, which means that it's probably ok. Other doctors have approved elmiron...but I don't think it has been tested.