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    I had a question. I have had the frequent urge to urinate for the past three years with little accomplishment. I am on my third doctor. I have had three cystoscopes and have tried elmiron, anatriptalyne (sp?), enablex, vesicare, installations, probiotic, estrace cream, prelief, diet alterations, you name it and very little relief. I have no pain or burning, just a constant feeling of having to urinate. I just recently switched doctors and am seeing a uro/gyn. He did my third cystoscope and saw extreme infalmmation at the top of my urethra (where is connects to the bladder) with one polyp, and the base of my bladder was very red and he said this is what was causing the frequency. I was happy to finally find some evidence of why i was feeling this way, but still frusterated about not knowing the cause. He put me on macrobid for three months (100mg), just prescribed me detrol LA, and I am seeing a pelvic floor therapist for muscle spasms. He just ordered urethral inserts/suppositiories and told me that they are going to be uncomfortable but there has been a lot of success with them. I am nervous. Has anyone ever had urethral suppositories? Was it successful? Did it hurt like he is telling me it will? Please let me know! Thank you

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    I tried some when I was being diagnosed with IC. They do hurt --- but they do help. I also had polyps, but my uro removed them.

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      What are they made of?


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        To be honest I'm not really sure....does that make a difference?


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          I'm just curious. I never heard of them and they might help.


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            Donna, I know you said you have used urethral suppositories before so I wanted to ask you, and anyone else who has tried them a question. I went in for my first urethral suppository yesterday, and i was in sooooooo much pain, im talking in tears all night. I went in feeling alright, and then the doctor inserted the suppository which was actually fine, but then it began to melt and the medicine started to kick in about 10 minutes later. It burned my urethra area SOOOOOO bad, worse then i have ever felt. I had to quickly drive to my partents house and jump into the bathtub. I couldn't go to the bathroom because it hurt so bad, literatly felt like i was peeing razor blades, couldnt go. My mom had to drive to the store and pick up AZO for me, I took it and evetually i was able to at least go to the bathroom without screaming. I took a sleep aid to help me get to sleep. By morning, the burning was gone, but my frequency is still there. It was very difficult to go into work after getting hours of sleep and waking up with puffy eyes from crying Did you experince this when you first started suppositiries? Is it normal to feel this way afterwards? It was a nightmare yesterday, and my doctor told me it MAY burn the first time but then it should get better and better with time. Is this true? I am so scared to try them again...i dont know what to do....please any responses would be appreciated...thank you!


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              I would tell my doctor "no" on trying them again. It is your body and it made you worse. It could be an IC type allergy or just having something in your urethra could hurt. A lot of people with IC find cathing painful. They may have had lidocaine in them and one of the downsides about lidocaine is it will burn before it numbs. I never found it worth the effort because the burning made me worse and the numbing quality wasn't that strong. Maybe some else knows more like does it make a difference on the strength or the formulation. I had it in a tube for cathing.



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                Just to update everyone, i finally got the courage to try them again....and it wasn't quite so bad....i have tried three and although it is is not nearly as excrutiating as it was the first time. Still feel the frequency, will let everyone know if I do find success with these!


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                  What type of suppositories are they?


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                    I know that they contain some sort of an antibiotic, but to be honest im not sure what exactly is in them....they are from a compound pharmacy.


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                      I always wondered if such things existed; I used to fantasize about a bladder suppository that would take the pain away. It sounds like this one takes just a bit of getting used to, though, eh? Understatement! Keep us posted, okay?


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                        yes i am very interested in finding out how these go...i was in the office for a pelvic floor therapy and talked touched base with the docotor about the suppositories an the discomfort that i was experiencing....he quoted" the first 2-4 can be excrutiating" but then your body begins to get used to them and you find relief...well we will see...they are real tricky to get in...luckily i have a supportive boyfriend who can help me with this..otherwise it would be very difficult...but will definately keep everyone posted...could be very helpful information for anyone who hass urethral inflammation..about ready to go try my fourth one out..