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anyone with pain from ic and adenomyosis

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  • anyone with pain from ic and adenomyosis

    My doctor suggests I have adenomyosis and I tested positive for ic. How can I tell the difference in the pain from a flare up of ic or if it is pain from the adenomyosis. A week before my period I have cramps that feel like labor pains and then the week of my period they are so bad I can't stand them. The pain radiates down my leg and and my lower back kills me those 2 weeks. I have heavy bleeding and passing huge clots. But then all month long sometimes I have just cramping in my lower abdomen. Someone help me thinking of hysterectomy, but don't know if it is a flareup of ic.

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    you will find a wealth of info within these pages. Your doctor "suggested" you have endometrosis, not "diagnosed" you with it. first off you want to know what is wrong before you jump into a hysterectomy. If you go in and have one regardless if you have it or not it dose not mean that the pain will subside. My best suggestion is to have a lap ddone and see if you do and have it removed then, see if it helps and move forward from there.
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      First of all, I'd like to say to the IC Network.

      I too would want a definite diagnosis before considering a hysterectomy.

      Stay safe

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        The only way to diagnose adenomyosis is after hysterectomy and if they're wrong there's no way to put it back.

        I had a hysterectomy and thought I had adeno and all because of the same symptoms you described. It turned out my uterus was just fine, I did have endo but not of the uterus.

        Three years after my hysterectomy I was diagnosed with IC and that's what it has been the whole time. I'd never have the hyst if I could do over. Early menopause is hell and ages you far more rapidly.

        Hope this helps and hope you find your answers soon,


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          I pretty much have gone thru what you are. Have you tried birth control pills? They helped with the 2 weeks of pms pain every month--knocked it down to about 6-7 days. I took BC for about a year before I had an Endo Laparoscopy last Nov. Positive for light endo with an enlarged uterus which was sitting on my bladder (Dr thought Adeno). Also found a large hernia. Since I didn't have significant improvement with the lap--I had a hysterectomy (kept ovaries) 4 wks ago-also had hernia repaired and they found another hernia while they were in there. :woohoo: All I have to say is "please" let this help with the pain.
          As for telling the difference between bladder and uterus--I have a hard time describing it. My bladder seems more intense/constant. Cramps (uterus) kind of go up and down like labor pains contrations. My lower back/hip pain aches the same for both. I have pain down my left leg/thigh/skips down to ankle but I think that's due to the IC. I'm sure as soon as I'm healed in the pelvic area I'll have a better idea of what's going on. I also have lower back and hip problems so it's so hard to tell where everything is coming from. I start physical therapy for my back in June--or as soon as I'm healed. I'm taking it one step at a time.


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            My IC was dx way before my Adeno was dx, but I had pain all month long except during my period. I had every test known to man, tried BCP, etc. One of the doctors did a vaginal Ultrasound and suggested Adeno (you could see something inside my uterus); and suggested a hyster. Since I was 40 had my tubes tied, etc. I said go ahead since nothing else was helping. As to pain, between the 2, sorry, I can't remember--its been 7 years, the decision is yours and your doctors. You just want to make sure this is what you want. Good luck. Let us know what happens.


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              I have adenomyosis which was diagnosed by the gyn-oncologist who removed my ovarian tumors. I had benign tumors removed twice once by traditional lap and once by da vinci robotic surgery. The second surgery I was full of adhesions so he also had to remove all of that mess too. I have not been diagnosed with IC yet but I am also wondering how to tell the difference since I have adeno.
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