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Help I Burned Myself With Heating Pad

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  • Help I Burned Myself With Heating Pad

    I am having one of those days, where I layed on bed with heating pad for about 3 hours making Mother's Day DVD's and I just got out of the bath, and I HAVE BURNS ALL OVER MY BACK. What should I do? I do not have any Aloe here, should I treat it like a sunburn? Help??????

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    Oh, I've done that too! I still have this weird heating pad pattern on my thigh where I burned it. If you don't have aloe, do you have any vitamin E? You can break open the capsule and smear it on your skin. And if you don't have that, do you have an all-night drugstore near you? Because those are the best things to use on a burn.

    Oh, also, look in your pantry. If you have safflower oil, it's almost pure vitamin E. That should help also.

    I'm so sorry, I know how you feel. Good luck.
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      A cool, damp towel should help with the burning.

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        I SO just did that last week- the scab literally just fell off from the blister... I hope you didn't have any blisters... I definitely feel your pain! Feel better, littlemyrn. Hope tomorrow is a better day. *hugs*
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          If it blisters it's probably a second degree burn and should be looked at to make sure it doesn't get infected.


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            OUCH! ***grimacing*** I havent done that yet, but figure it is only a matter of time. I am sure it hurts something awful! I agree with all the other responses. I would try to get some of that stuff for sunburns that has the Lidocaine in it as well as aloe, to help with the pain. I am thinking it is called Solarcaine. I agree with Moonheart, if there is any doubt, then it is best to get it checked out.

            I hope you feel better soon!



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              I did that recently-- Hurts like all get up!! I still have a little pattern on my stomach! I had some vit. E oil that I put on my stomach, so like the others said if you have some put it on it will help. Sorry you did this.


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                I used to do this frequently. I used to sleep on my heating pad, even though I know you are not supposed to. It was the only thing that helped my pain. I had to quit using my heating pad for a while because I couldn't feel it anymore. I agree with the others about aloe and vitamin e. I am using my heating pad again, but I am a little more careful.
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