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Spring & Fall Flares -- Pollen Index

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  • Spring & Fall Flares -- Pollen Index

    Has anyone else experienced Flares in the Spring and Fall when the Pollen Index changes? I live in Western PA and the pollen is really bad right now and I'm in a really bad flare. I take antihistamines and also wear a face mask when I'm outside? Instillations help. Does anyone have any other helpful suggestions?

    I have read many, many, threads, but this is my first post!

    Thanks to all IC suffers who have posted and helped me!

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    to the community. Glad you've decided to join the conversation!

    A lot of people think IC is probably auto-immune, so when the immune system is activated, as it is when you have an allergy attack, it makes sense that your IC could be worse. I've never thought of this connection, but I'm going to start keeping track.

    You know your body best. If you see a correlation, then it's probably there. Thanks for bringing up an interesting point.
    Je vous souhaite de la joie, de la bonne santée, et tout ce qu'il y a de bon dans la vie.
    Wishing you happiness and good health, and all the best out of life.

    Peace, Carolyn

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      Berkshire Road - Thank You!

      Thank you for the "Welcome" and your input. It is just amazing that I can be in "remission" (I use that word lightly-remission is just not a flare) and in the Spring and Fall I'm in great pain! My doctor and his staff is excellent! Patti the nurse said that the phone has been ringing of the hook with IC patients in a Flare. She feels that the pollen index has to have a negative affect on IC suffers. Another piece of the puzzle to this crazy disease!

      Thanks Again


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        I too am in a horrible flare and my head is in and out of congestion with allergies. I went to the bathroom and had one of the biggest "floaties" ever and now that has caused the flare to 2 weeks we are going on our annual family vacation and I am a nervous wreck about it. I am curious about Aloe Vera...can you please give me advice on this and can you get it at any pharmacy? I am desperate for some relief because as a probation officer/office manager, I can not miss work. THANKS!


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          I've hear that too...that ic folks tend to have more flares in spring and fall. I know my flare has been crazy this last month and my nose and eyes are supper itchy from the pollen. I even take antihistamines and I'm still bugged by the allergies.


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            What kind of antihistamine do you take? I have heard that certain types can cause burning in your bladder and that is the last thing I need. My eyes are peeling because they have itched and watered so much in the last month. My whole family is suffering and we are remodeling so the dust from the cabinets being sanded is horrible. I just feel so deseperate at this point in a flare and life has to go one which means MOM has to go on! Do you take Aloe Vera?


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                I've never put the 2 together, but i don't have too many allergies. (concerning that Central Texas- especially Austin has alot of Cedar) but I guess I'm not allergic to it). I do though have my allergies, so i guess I'll just see next time.


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                  I live in South Eastern PA (outside of Philly) and last week when I called my doctor telling her I was in a horrible flare and I had no idea why she told me that her office's phone has been ringing off the hook because it's allergy season. She said that allergies play a big part in IC flares this time of year. I trust my doctor knows what she's talking about because she works for Dr. Whitmore (one of the top urologists) and Dr. Whitmore is really well-known and really knows what she's talking about.
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