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  • amartaingirl

    i was on elavil first. didnt see any improvement
    then i added elmiron...much improved
    hair loss began about 3 months later

    started at the part line..but eventually..thinned all over
    i mean i have hair all over...but it thinned everywhere

    i quit the elmiron...7 weeks ago
    and was still doing just fine with the elavil
    and i added aloe place on the elmiron

    but when i hit week 7..of being of the elmiron...and my hair was still falling out..i did some reaseach..and found that elavil can also cause it

    so i quit that 2 days ago.
    and my frequency has picked back up

    i do plan to return to the elavil...maybe in a few weeks
    after the hair loss stops.

    i think all of it combined caused it.

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  • leelee88
    Hello and welcome Allison..
    I dont know about Elmiron, but Elival has been a life saver for me.. It along with Cymbalta has decreased my symptoms to the point I can have a alomost normal life.. I do have flares but only about one day a week before it was every day..I have heard that Elmiron can cause hair loss but it works differantly for some people.. Some people have reported great success with Elmiron..Hope you feel better soon..

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  • TXAllison
    Hi! I'm more confused about meds than you are. Started Elmiron a month ago. Started Elavil this week. Tell me about the hair loss. Is it from all over your head - or one place? Did the meds help your IC?

    I would much prefer using natural meds. Wish insurance covered them.

    Very confused... and pretty new to the flares... been in pain for two months though... ready for relief but not loss of long hair...

    Glad I found this site this week...

    Thank you!

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  • amartaingirl
    started a topic Need A Natural?

    Need A Natural?

    i have quit everything due to hair loss.
    quit elmiron 7 weeks ago
    quit elavil just a few days ago

    anyway i need to get something to use for frequency
    until i can get back to try new script

    which of the best for frequency?

    i am using desert harvest aloe now

    anyone have any idea about frequency &
    licorice root
    magnesium oxide