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White Blood Cells In My Urine

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  • White Blood Cells In My Urine

    Does anyone know if a finding of white blood cells or pus in the urine is mostly a symptom of infection or could it be present in IC too? I went to my primary today and he gave me Cipro for three days. He said that there were white blood cells in my urine but no red ones. The signficance of the red ones, is that those are the ones that are almost always in my urine due to my IC I think, and I am really puzzled why I no longer have the red blood cells, but white ones instead. He is not a Urologist, but said that the people he sees that have IC don't have the white blood cells in their urine. I also wanted to mention that there were no nitrites found. Please help! Thanks.


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    I cant really answer your question. My NP at my uro office says white blood cells are in my urine because of the IC. But my PCP and my hollistic dr tell me white blood cells are a sign of infection.

    I do know that after i got the IC diagnosis my NP stopped giving me cipro each time i had white blood cells in my urine.

    I think i read somewhere on this site that white blood cells can be from the inflamation.

    sorry i couldnt help more.

    Lyme disease diagnosed 11/05
    vulvar vestibulitis diagnosed 2/06 -worst case she has ever seen..very bad.
    IC diagnosed with hydro/cysto- may 17, 2006

    Over growth of lactobicilli found 8/07 treating with doxy.

    Was able to get my first internal exam evaluation for PFD....wohoo 1/18/07:woohoo:

    8/22/07- was able to get my first speculum exam, with pap

    Strep D found in bladder with United medical labs May 2006
    2 strains of strep in stool culture 9/06
    high Strep ASO titre found 10/06


    Capsasin cream-once a day for 20min,
    BUt wont lie it does burn

    About to start valium supositories for PFD

    Trigger point injections- oct 07

    Current meds:
    Neurontin- 100mg at night supposed to work up to 300mg if i can tolerate it
    Zanaflex 2mg
    IC and low oxalate diet, no sugar diet
    Xanax for appointments to help relax me since they cause so much pain

    Started PT 3/07, PT has really helped me in ways I never knew that it would

    Meds ive tried
    Soma- can barely tolerate half a pill
    Atropine cream- didnt seem to work, although i found out I was applying the creams wrong
    Estradiol cream
    Urelle- caused worse bladder spasm and retention

    Various antibiotics for lyme which caused yeast and made the IC and VV worse

    waiting for the next chronic illness to pop up

    "Did you know?
    Every 15 seconds,
    a person is
    diagnosed with
    interstitial cystitis."
    Source: J. Dimitrakov, MD


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      Uh oh....

      Humm.... That's not good news I guess. I am wondering though if the fact that I don't always have the white cells and given that I am in significantly increased discomfort with the white cells, that this may indicate in this instance that it could be an infection. I guess I'll know soon if I start to feel better or not. I too thought that the white cells could be from the inflammation that goes along with the IC, but wanted to believe my doctor when he told me that of course. Crossing, my fingers and toes...


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        Honestly, it could be either one...infection or a flare...for white blood cells to appear in your urine. I get them when I'm flaring. That said, they can also be a sign of infection, so it's hard to know unless your dotor ordered a urine culture.

        It can't hurt to try the cipro and see if you start to feel better. Sorry that this flare came out of the blue for you. Really, I completely understand your situation. I'm there too....was in a blissful remission and stress brought on a flare that's taking a long time to go away. But I said in another were in remission before and you will get there again.

        Hope you feel better.


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          White cells, called WBC's are the body's response to bacteria. They are not normally found in urine. Nitrates are some sort of response to infection, breakdown of WBC's etc. (I'm a RN and I learned all of this too many years ago lol!) Early in a UTI neither would be present. RBC's in urine can also be part of the body's response to infection. So UTI's are diagnosed by more than the presence of bacteria.


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            Have your dr culture for staph or strep. I usually have the same thing and I've had a staph infection in my bladder for over a year.

            IC, endometriosis, cervical dysplasia, bi-polar, trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder), scoliosis, fibroid breast disorder, chronic fatigue, arthritis in hands, temporal lobe seizures
            buspar 30mg, atarax 100mg, norco 10mg 30/week for pain, vimpat 100mg 2/day, trileptal 600mg 2/day
            flare strategyestrace cream, lidocaine jelly, and ice pack on urethra. ativan .5mg for severe flares only

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              My last urinalysis, I had WBCs(and nitrites) in my urine, but when sent off for a culture, nothing showed up. I am pretty much in the process of being diagonsed for IC, and this convinces me even more that I have IC. About two weeks ago at my family doctor, she gave me cirpo b/c of the WBCs, and it did nothing. A few days ago at my urologist, he saw that I did have WBCs in my urine, but didn't mention infection, he switched only my antibiotic from cipro to levaquin to see if I would get better(I am not.)
              I hope you find out what it is. Good luck!