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    Well, I did something stupid and drank about half of one beer yesterday. I'm in pain!

    I'm stuck here at the house with no heat wraps, and nothing to use for pain. I'm going to have to wait till this afternoon to get some. I'll have to make do with a hot bath, but I don't really like a bath.

    What was I thinking. I know what drinking does, I hardly drink because I know how it affects me.

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    I did that a few weeks back, I hadn't drank in 5 or so years. I have had a sip of someone elses tho.. hugs to you hope you feel better soon.
    'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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      I think everyone's done this at one time or another. I know I have! Bless your heart, I know you are hurting! I hope the hot bath will help calm down your poor bladder. Have you tried drinking the baking soda and water drink yet? That usually helps me when I am in a food/beverage related flare. If you dont have any baking soda, you could try an antacid, if you have some in the house. I hope you feel better soon!



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        Oh Sweetie! I can relate... Lord- I'm in the middle of crying about the lost pain meds, and what do I do?

        Last night I was tired after work, in pain, and NOT in the mood to cook. Ordered Pepperoni pizza for the kids, and then stood there and ate an entire slice when it got there! What is wrong with me? I haven't eaten pizza in two years, I KNOW I can't have it, especially Pepperoni... and yet, I got the whole slice down my gullet before my daughter looked over and asked, "Do you really think that's the best for your bladder?"

        Again, DUH!!! I guess I was just so stressed out, tired, in pain, wah wah wah- that I just wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. Well- within two hours it became apparant that the bladder was not happy! With no pain meds, I'm really in trouble today, and have absolutely no-one to blame but myself. Dingbat!

        Don't beat yourself up over the beer... we all have our moments, and sometimes you just have to "try" to be normal again. I'm so sorry you're hurting, wish I could help!

        ARGH! I hate this disease!!!!



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          Hugs, sorry your splurged alittle and have to suffer. Sometimes we just have to do it. Hope you feel better soon.


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            ya know

            some people on here can drink a beer or too.
            im too afraid to try
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              Stay safe

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                Blue, I hope you are feeling better by now.

                Let's keep praying for a cure.
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                  PS Blue I can get away with blackberry wine without much if not any trouble. That is the only thing I do good with though.


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                    I have done that several times. When I have had a drink, I swear I drink 32 oz. of water with it, and I go to potty all night, but the pain is not any worse than normal when I wake up. I am just tired, because of all the water, I get up every hour. Oh well, we all want to be normal. It will get better.


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                      Thank you everyone!


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                        I'm probably going to be right there with you Blue in a couple of weeks. I have a wedding to go to and I want to drink!! I haven't drank any alchohol in almost a year, and I really want to be able to drink and have fun at this wedding. I know a few people have posted that they can have Rum, but I don't like Rum, so I think I may just try some Vodka with something? But I'm sure I'm going to pay for it later anyway, I guess I'll deserve it, but you have to have some fun sometimes too right? Hope your feeling better.


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                          Maybe preparing ahead of time will help. Some AZO, and whatever else works for you. Take some before you start drinking ( unlike myself ) maybe the symptoms will be less. I wish I would have considered that.

                          Doing better now.


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                            I glad to hear you are feeling better.

                            Take Care

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