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FINALLY..something that works!

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  • FINALLY..something that works!

    I just wanted to let you ladies know..that I am having MUCH LUCK W/ CYSTOPROTEK..after just 2 days.

    Wow. I cannot believe it.

    Quickly my Story.
    I quit Elmiron 55 days ago..due to hair loss.
    I began Aloe Vera in its place..and Elavil at nite.
    At day 41..of being off hair was stilling falling out..I cried horribly...about my hair..quit the Elavil...and Immediately began to Flare.
    My doctor called in some Atarax..last sunday ! (best uro in the world)

    I am began taking Atarx 50mg 1Xday
    Elavil 25mg 1xday

    Still trying to get that flare under control.
    2 Weeks into the Flare...and after being awake for 4 days straight..I ordered the Cystoprotek. It just arrived yesterday. It says to take 2 pills...Twice Day. I took the 4 directed yesterday. It is about $40 for a one month supply.

    Anyway, and I slept until 9am this morning! I feel great.

    By the day 55 of being off Elmiron..the Hair loss has pracitcally stopped. Still comming out a little..but its way way less
    Quit ELMIRON due to hair loss
    Cystoprotek ROCKS!

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    search my email [email protected]

    Current Meds:
    AM Cystoprotek & ATARAX 50mg
    PM Elavil 25mg