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I never thought this would case a flare...

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    So sorry to hear of your troubles. I have story that will make you laugh, last summer I took my son to a water park and got a drink with lid and straw. We played in water, so on, went and took a big drink, oh my gosh, there was a bee in there and I swallowed it. It stung me several times it felt like in my throat as it was going down. my throat starting swelling, (I am not allergic), went to first aid, and they said as long as I didn't have trouble breathing, it should be ok, but gave me benedryl, so we had to leave, it took until the next day for swelling to go down. But I learned my lesson, look inside cup before you drink...I hope you are doing better soon.


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      Yikes! Glad I didn't swallow the thing.

      Sharon, I have even been taking antihistimines and it is that red and swollen.


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        Feel Better

        I hope that you feel better soon. That looks so uncomfortable and certainly could be considered a flare. Bless your heart! Good luck and feel better.