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Bee sting trip to Dr.

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  • Bee sting trip to Dr.

    Well the bee sting sent me to the Dr today. It has a cellulitis (tissue infection) and it was an allergic reaction. She gave me Keflex and Atarax, but already have been takikng visteril so she tore that one up. It measures about 6 inches from top to bottom and also about the same side to side. She marked it and told me if it gets bigger to come back. Darn bee!!!!!!

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    We have a bee hive at my home. We have an epi-pen incase someone gets stung. The best thing for a honey bee sting or a bee that has a stinger that comes out such as bumble bee is to first remove the stinger with a credit card or with your fingernail, taking care not to pinch/squeeze the fleshy part comming out of your skin. Then apply a thick paste of baking soda and water to the sting, I think this might really help you as it is a topical and is safe for sensitive skin. Give it a shot, it doesn't cost a thing! Hope you feel better soon, those little buggers can make one heck of a wallop!

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      omg.. that is just not good. Did she give you a script for that pen thing we were talking about this morning?
      Sending you very bigh hugs.
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        oooh I've had cellulitis before! (from a fire ant bite)... Keflex works WONDERS.... you should be feeling better in a matter of hours from your first dose
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          Tig-- Yes got an Epi pen now.

          sacausa-- I sure hope so. I heard fire ants are vicious little critters.


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            OMG Leslie, that really sucks! I am so sorry. Here I am feeling sorry for myself about a really sore throat and you're dealing what that nasty bumble bee sting. I think I'd rather have the sore throat. I hope it heals up really soon and you start to feel better.

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              I was wondering if you were having an allergic reaction when you posted about how much swelling it had caused. Glad you got to the dr and treatment. My stepdad is extremely bee allergic, he's a rancher and lots of bees around when he's going thru the brush horseback rounding up the cattle, the actual African killer bees that attack in swarms, and has to carry that pen with him everywhere, after many close calls, and hours to the nearest dr. I'm glad you have something now in case of emergency if this were to happen again. Best wishes and hope you're feeling better.