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    I ate some strawberries over the weekend and Monday night I started with a flare that I still have today. The nurse at my Uor's office believes eating the strawberries is what did it. But it has lasted this whole week. That seems long just from eating strawberries! Anyone have a similar experience? How long should this flare last? I am so ready to feel better.

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    How many did you have? that would be my problem!! (love them!) When I do have them, I will only have maybe 3 or 4 of them at the most this way I know that I won't have a problem-if I have more than that than I will have a flare, usually my flare lasts for a day or 2; but I did have a flare about a few weeks ago that did last for over a week--can't remember what it was that I ate though but it wasn't fruit I know that. Hope you feel better soon.


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      I can't eat Strawberries without a flare. Hope you feel better soon. We have an entire festival this weekend called the Strawberry festival, and I am dreading going because of all the food made with them.