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Help - Vacation has killed me!

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  • Help - Vacation has killed me!

    I just returned from a three night trip with my mom and two other friends to New Orleans. I stayed away from all the cajun food, but with all the walking, etc. I am about to die. I will test for infection in the morning, but I wish I could give myself a shot of Lidocaine directly into the bladder. The thought of a cath right now, makes me crazy. I am to have a hydro on Thurs. so hopefully she is going to change my pain meds to help. Also I have been having constant diareha (sp) for three days. I am not so sure I ate some bad shrimp. I drank a ton of water, so what's up. Anyway, I just had to vent a little. We still had fun, but I am glad to be home.

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    I am so glad that you got out and had a good time with the girls! I am sorry that you are hurting now! Hopefully things will calm down before your Hydro on Thurs. If you have an infection, your Dr. may want to reschedule you. I would definately get that checked out first thing this morning and then call your Uro and find out what she wants to do.

    I hope the Hydro puts you in a remission from your IC. I know so many get relief for a while from them. I hope you will be one of them!

    I hope that you can get some rest after you see your Dr. today, and that you will feel better when you wake up this morning. But, if not, PLEASE get it checked out!

    I hope you feel better soon!



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      Did you drink "THE" water? Or bottled water?

      Is it possible you drank contaminated water?


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        I tried to drink bottled water, but there were a few times that I did drink tap water. I didn't even think of that. No one else got sick, but of course, they do not have IC.


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          mine went well

          I just got back from vacation too...
          thursday am - monday am
          2 1/2 hour plane ride
          & 2 hour car ride...both comming and going.

          stress of cancelled flight / broken digitial camera...and my

          Only 1 mild frequency flare up.
          was cured w/ baking soda, water & tums.
          Quit ELMIRON due to hair loss
          Cystoprotek ROCKS!

          find me on FACEBOOK -
          search my email [email protected]

          Current Meds:
          AM Cystoprotek & ATARAX 50mg
          Dinner CYSTOPROTEK
          PM Elavil 25mg


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            Hugs, it is awful to go on a fun trip and come home miserable. Hope you feel better soon.


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              I am so sorry. I do hope that you had a good time while in N'Orleans.

              Shopping??? Did someone mention shopping? I'll get my hat... ;-)

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