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abnormal urinating in the middle of night?????

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  • abnormal urinating in the middle of night?????

    Hi Ladies.
    I have noticed that in the last coule months when I get up to pee in the middle of the night, my urine stream is somewhat weak and intermittent and not a steady flow like it should be. This happens every time I pee in the middle of the night or when I first wake up. Could this be related to me laying down? Like if I go to bed at 10:30, and wake up at 12:30 to pee, I will be able to start peeing fine, just that it is weak feeling and the stream starts and stops and I have to keep restarting it to empy my bladder and sometimes I have to push just slightly to get it to keep going.
    I am going to ask my urogyne about this when I see him Friday for my checkup. I was just wondering if this happens to any of you or if this is a normal part of IC? I also wonder if it could be because of the bladder instills I am doing once a week, but then why would it happen in the middle of the night or when I first pee only. I do notice though that when I pee during the day, I can start peeing just fine, just that when I get to the last couple ounces or so, it stops and I have to restart my urine stream to get empty. I just am concerned and pray this does not escalate and turn into severe urine retention or something in the future.
    My husband said that it could be that when we sleep our bodies normally slow down, even our organs and that maybe since the bladder is already irritated, it makes it harder for the bladder to move, and contract to expel the urine. He said that just like when you strain a muscle in your leg or back, after you dont use it for a couple hours and are at rest, it swells and is hard to use. I guess he is thinking it is on the same principle. Does this make sense?
    Thanks for listening Ladies. Any replies are greatly appreciated.

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    Peeing at night is a "symptom" of IC, most of us do it. It is not "normal" though. My stream does the same thing. It can be caused by lots of things, but mine is from PFD. Try your best not to strain. I know what its like though push out as much as you can in the attempt to get more sleep and more releif Before my interstim I was peeing around 4 times per night,now its 1-2! WEll I hope you feel better! I would definatly mention this to your doctor!

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      Mine does the same thing always a very weak flow even though my bladder feels like its about to pop...

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        When I'm really flaring, my flow is the same way in the morning. The doctor said it's normal and comes from my bladder being over distended while I sleep. The muscles get out of whack. When I'm not flaring, it goes away.


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          Thanks for the info. Robin, when you say that this happens because the bladder is overdistended, do you mean because you have alot of urine in the baldder? See, the thing is that when I go to bed, I will get up like only two hours later and still have this issue and I know my bladder is not overdistended because I only will pee out like 8 to 10 ounces, and I can do this during the day and dont have this issue.
          I was just wondering if it could be because when we sleep, all of our organs slow down, including the bladder. I wonder if it could be that the muscle just kind of slows down and this could be causing this issue. I mean for a person who does not have IC, this would not affect them, but because I have IC and my bladder is inflammed as it is, maybe this is why it will not function as good in the middle of the night. I am not sure, just a guess.
          Also, I have this every night even when I am not in a huge flare. It does not matter. I will mention it to my doc this Friday though and see what he says. Thanks again for all the replies.


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            same here

            I think its just the IC
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              I do the same thing. When I do sleep for over 4 hours, then get up to go, after voiding it hurts soooo bad, that sometimes I can not go back to sleep. I have already gone through pfd treatment, but did not help this issue. Last night I was hurting so bad, I did my instill (lidocain, elimiron,cytotec) it makes me pass out afterwards, for some strange reason, doctor doesn't even know, but slept from 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m., whooo, good sleep, but bladder was mad as h..., and hurt so bad.


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                See, I dont have pain when I void. It just feels like my stream is very weak and intermittent, especially during the night when I get up after sleeping a couple hours and with my first pee in the morning. I even wonder if the instills I am doing once a week (heperin,lidocaine, saline) are causing this. The instills do seem to help me some with the pain though. I just dont know. My pain when I get it is there all the time regardless if I urinate or not, though sometimes is worse after I pee. my concern is the weakness and intermittence of my stream when I pee during the night and first thing in the morning. I will ask my urogyne about it when I see him. Thanks for replying ladies, I really appreciate it.


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                  Jen I don't think it is normal for this to happen about the weak stream flow. I also get this but I also get it during the day time too. Sometimes I will just sit on the toilet to see if I will go again without straining to go. Straining can sometimes cause you to go into a flare, at least, it does for me. What causes it I really don't know? I hope your doctor can help you.

                  Sending hugs, Trishann


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                    Thanks Trish.
                    I notice that I will get this slightly as well during the day at times, but not as bad as it is at night. I am thinking maybe my bladder muscle is weak or something, or possibly the connection from the brain to the bladder is weak. I am not sure though, I guess there could be a ton of possibilities.The funny thing is, a couple months back I had the opposite where when I pee'd it would squirt out really fast in a quick spray,but now it is just the opposite. Really weird. It is very concerning though. I hope my doc has some answers and some help for me. Thanks again for replying. I hope you are doing well these days.


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                      A weak urine stream is common with interstitial cystitis. I've been that way for so many years that I don't even think about it any more. I keep a crossword puzzle book in the bathroom so I can sit and relax until the urine all drains out. If I stand up part way, then sit back down, that seems to help too. It's NEVER a good idea to strain.

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                        I have the same problem in the middle of the night and usually the first time I pee of a morning. It just seems me another annoying aspect of IC.

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                          me too

                          I have a weak pathetic stream too. All day and night. So hmmmm it's curious it only happens with you at night......

                          I'm jealous when I go into public bathrooms and the other girls sound like Niagara Falls........

                          and then there's my lil dribble........

                          I think Erika is right----it's related to PFD.
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                            Jen thank you. I am shock that this is common with IC, I thought maybe it was just me but with all the relies you got back it is not so uncommon. I think I notice the weak urine flow more whenever I am in a public restroom and someone is in the other stall: then it is like a faucet is turn on blast in the other stall and it goes on and on. I sure do hope they don't hear me. If they do, they probably wonder why I bother to come to the restroom. Got to joke about it to get the stress off, right!

                            Sending hugs, Trishann


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                              Thanks Ladies.
                              I can actually feel that my urine stream is weak, like there is not much force behind it at all. It also feels tight inside at times when I pee, if that makes any sense. I have noticed that in the last couple days it has been happening even in the daytime, just that it seems way worse during the night and first thing in the morning. But now, since going to the Physical therapist in Monday, I am noticing it even in the day this last couple days. I wonder if the PT has made me worse somehow. The therapist gave me these stretching excerises to do daily and maybe that is contributing. My back is also killing me sense doing the excerises she gave me and my bladder feels alot worse. I am not liking this at all as I do not believe I should be in so much more pain after the PT. I can understand not feeling a whole lot better after only one session, but I should not feel so much worse.
                              I will be sure I let the therapist know this when I see her next week. I will have to tell her to be much more gentle or go slower and maybe no internal this time, I dont know. I just dont know if it is such a good idea to have someone pushing around down there, it is not natural. I dont mean to be so skeptical, just that I have been around the block when it comes to being taken by doctors and have lost alot of money and faith in them after what I have been through. You just got to be on guard all the time I have learned and I think if I went in there not feeling this bad and walked out feeling way worse, then it is my body saying that it is not right for me.
                              I also still wonder if the instills could be doing something and causing this weak urine force since it has gotten worse since doing the instills. I use heperin, lidocaine, and saline. I see my urogyne tomorrow and will mention all this to him and see what he says. I just hate mentioning things becuase right away it gives the doctor a excuse to try and push you to do all kinds of tests that are usually very expensive and not very diagnostic or reliable. I shall see what he says though.
                              Thanks again ladies, I appreciate all the replies. I hope you all are hanging in there.