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Could my gall bladder flare cause IC flare?

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  • Could my gall bladder flare cause IC flare?

    I am in such physical chaos! I am getting my gall bladder out Thursday, IC seems to be flaring a little, yeast infection coming back, and still going to Las Vegas on vacation Sunday. Two gastro doctors stood in front of me today and told me I do not have to cancel trip. I hope they are right. My husband and I need a vacation bad. I don't understand the IC flare! Maybe stress? I know it is not food because I can barely eat anything with gall bladder squeezing tight. I am probably pretty crazy to be trying to deal with all of these things all at once. I just keep thinking 2007 just sucked big time with IC and all my other problems I am not giving up my vacation. I hope everything goes smooth Thursday and in 2 days I will feel pretty good. Tina

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    Tina more likely it is due to the stress in the body. I hope your gall bladder surgery will go well and that you don't have to cancel the vacation. You will be sore so I hope you will at least get some pain medicine for it afterward. I can't blame you for not wanting to cancel your vacation. I hope you will enjoy yourself, it is just good to get away sometimes.

    Sending hugs, Trishann


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      Thanks Trishann. I assumed it is stress. Since the beginning of this I seem to be my own worst enemy. My stress I think triggers this more food because I carefully follow diet. Tina


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        I hope you feel well enough to travel in three days. You should plan to take it easy for a few days on this vacation. When I had mine removed with laparoscopic surgery, it took me several days to feel okay and longer to recover completely.

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          Wow - I can't imagine being able to go on vacation only a few days after surgery! I had my gallbladder out 10 years ago and I was pretty sore for at least 5 days. Good luck to you!

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            Hope everything goes well, just take it easy. It took me a few weeks to completely bounce back from having my gallbladder out.

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