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HIP PAIN!!! and that isn't the only pain

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  • HIP PAIN!!! and that isn't the only pain

    I have taken 2 vicoden a xanaflex and and my hip is still KILLING me. Got fired yesterday and my babysitter (supposed to be my friend) calls me and tells me I owe her more $$ After every thing I have done for her, paid her vacation paid her sick days, gave her my son's hand me downs for her grandson who she had custody of to help her out I know she can't afford to go get clothes for that kid, and other of her grand kids. I had to take my son out of day care and she KNEW i got fired. WOW! so needless to say Flaring like mega crazy
    Mia Sowell
    Fort Worth, TX
    2 Kids
    Ethan (3)
    April (17)
    Husband Eric (Very Supportive)
    Clinically Dxed 04-16-07
    Symptoms Since 2004

    Elmoron 400mg 2x Day
    Atarax 50mg 1x Day
    Xanex .50mg 8 hrs As needed
    Vicodin 5/500mg 4-6 hrs As needed
    Xanaflex 4mg 1x Day
    Urelief Plus 6 hrs as needed for Bladder spasms
    Prelief as directed

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    I wish I could help.

    Stay safe

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      Mia, usually I get hip pain if I'm in a PFD flare. IC usually brings on different symptoms. Stress is like the WORST. We're here to support you, take a deep breath and try and relax. Life is just stressful - IC, and all that goes along with that, makes it worse. I know.


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        Sendings lots of hugs your way! I hope things settle down for you soon.
        ~ Stacey


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          Mia, I thought my hip and thighs were hurting because of IC too; well today I found out the I have spur on my hip. Got to the point I could not even lay on my side because of it. I hope you get it check out just to make sure that it is IC pain and not something else.

          Sorry to hear about you losing your job. I hope you are able to find a better one.

          Sending hugs, Trishann


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            I get hip pain too, my PT works it out when I go. If I can explain it right, there is a set of pelvic floor muscles that connect to the hip area. Mine flares really bad especially at night, a hot bath, heating pad, stretching and getting off my feet and putting them up, are the only things that really work for me. I recently started a muscle relaxant, Skelaxin which seems to be taking the edge off the pain too. It is one of those pains that drive you crazy, so I feel for you.

            I am sorry to hear about your job and your inconsiderate babysitter. I hope you find better of both