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  • Sooo tired

    I have been in a flare now for almost 2 months. When I have a flare, I am usually a bid more tired. I have always chalked this up to lack of sleep, anxiety etc. This time, although my IC pain is somewhat better, I have been having these bouts of profound fatigue. I am getting sleep although it is interrupted, but I am still tired when I get up, and I just can't seem to get enough energy to even do my chores or care for my family. I got a bunch of bloodwork done and my primary doc said it is ok, but I still feel rotten. I also have no appetite. I just look at food and push it aside. I know for those who have a weight problem you might think this is great, but really, it's scary. I'm trying to make myself eat but it's hard. My primary doc has suggested that it could be Chronic Fatigue. I don't need or want another chronic, poorly understood disease. Has anyone else had this tired flu-like feeling with a bad flare?

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    i think that chronic fatigue seems to go hand in hand with IC. I know that when I'm flaring, I'm exhausted just from the pain.


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      I agree, pain makes you tired. I too struggle with eating and weight. I lost a bunch of weight a year ago due to thyroiditis (viral) and have never regained it. I went back to gp about 2 months ago to do all the blood work again, and he said everything was normal, ugh, because I still have all the same symptoms. Tired, even after 7 or so hours of sleep. I don't know about you guys, but I am just tired of fighting to get adequate control of IC.


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        i think its meds

        the addition to the interrupted sleep...wipes a person out

        noth to mention daily life with kids.

        just take it one day at time
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          Hugs, flares don't help tiredness. They seem to drag me down more. I hope you feel better soon.


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            I also agree with everyone else, the flares completely exhuasted me and it takes awhile to get back up. The irrterrupting sleep is a major part of it too. I am just guessing but do you think maybe your medication is making you feel like not eating. I hope you start feeling better, if not, I would continue to work with your doctor.

            Take care, Trishann