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    Oooohhhh! I know how bad it hurts, its pain that could drive you insane , if you let it. When I first got this condition, I had a bad cold, a bad UTI, and I was experiencing high levels of stress . Then my face broke out terribly and I had only 14 days between my periods. The combination of these lead to this condition. The bad UTI most likely comprimised the lining of my bladder and urethera. The cold and stress lead to a my immunity failing, and high levels of stress most likely caused the release of "stress hormones" in the body to cause an imbalace. My older sister, a professional skin therapist said that when there are too many hormones released, once they are burned off, they can leave behind "microscopic garbage" which can leave the body toxic . This most likely explains why my face broke out (which lasted c.6months) and also why I had a period after 14 days,my hormones are out of whack. I hate to say it but my hair is noticibly thinning and I just turned 25 ( a strong sign of hormonal problems). What I've found to help me. Luckily my pain went from level 6-9 almost daily for 5 months to 0-3 for 2-3 months with 0 occuring more frequently. Everytime I feel good for a while I eat something stupid like salsa and then I'm hurt'in

    I take everyday:
    *MSM to try and begin rebuilding tissue
    *Glucosamine to try and begin rebuilding tissue
    *fish oil for coating bladder from irritants or take with ify food
    *TUMS ( with symptoms and with food- I have found these to do wonders for the burning flares in my bladder/urethra- take as directed about 3 or 4 at a time 2X a day if needed with water.)
    *UTI tincture from native remidies to help treat and prevent bladder infections
    *plenty of water
    * I really try and always follow the IC diet, stay away from those irritants! (if you are always flaring remember to drink lots of water)
    I do okay with In n outs burgers with cheese and grilled onions for flavor- no mayo or sauce or ketsup. Wendys chocolate frosty are great and so yummy , homemade soups, subway turkey roastbeef sub with am cheese and oil w/a little salt instead of comdiments, really yummy...try and take tums before or after anything you are unsure of * I also take a detoxifier to remove toxin build up in the body ( may be an irritant)
    For flares-
    light stretching, sit making a v with legs, strech side to side and down middle
    * don't be a passenger if you don't have too I notice driving helps stop flares (mabye using your musles helps)
    *try taking tums and a glass of h2o
    *try and reduce levels of stress ( try a comical movie like one w/ will ferrel he's hillarious!!!!!!)

    Will be trying:
    *a suppliment to try and regulate hormones
    *quercitin and aloe pills they have at the Icn shop

    I have noticed that the detox pills I take have helped my face clear and my body feel much better , my periods are normal again and I notice my symptoms go away when Im on a period, it must be the hormonal factor.My sypmtoms for the most part, are gone when I follow the IC diet w/ suppliments and excercise/stress reduction).

    These have been helpful to me greatly maybe some or all will be helpful, God Bless and all the best