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During a flare do you feel burning while urinating....

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  • ICNDonna
    It sounds like an infection --- have you been checked?


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  • javone77
    That sounds like a UTI to me also! I also agree that driving helps. I went on a road trip about 4 days after I was diagnosed and my friend wanted to drive. But for some reason I was the most comfortable driving. So I drive the entire way from dallas to san antonio and back. She drove the small distances in between when I wouldn't be sitting long. I will be taking myself a nice long drive tomorrow....after a nice long walk. Hope that helps!

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  • inlove96
    I ALWAYS have burning when I have a flare up. One of my main symptoms. But I do have the at home UTI test...I will use one and see.

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  • dancemomof2
    I would sure be checked for a UTI if you have burning of any kind at anytime. It never hurts to be safe.

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  • Sunnydawn
    feel better

    I hope you feel better. For flares I have come up with regimine that helps alot based on other people's tips.

    I take everyday:
    *MSM to try and begin rebuilding tissue
    *Glucosamine to try and begin rebuilding tissue
    *fish oil for coating bladder from irritants or take with ify food
    *TUMS ( with symptoms and with food- I have found these to do wonders for the burning flares in my bladder/urethra- take as directed about 3 or 4 at a time 2X a day if needed with water.)
    *UTI tincture from native remidies to help treat and prevent bladder infections
    *plenty of water
    * I really try and always follow the IC diet, stay away from those irritants! (if you are always flaring remember to drink lots of water)
    I do okay with In n outs burgers with cheese and grilled onions for flavor- no mayo or sauce or ketsup. Wendys chocolate frosty are great and so yummy , homemade soups, subway turkey roastbeef sub with am cheese and oil w/a little salt instead of comdiments, really yummy...try and take tums before or after anything you are unsure of * I also take a detoxifier to remove toxin build up in the body ( may be an irritant)
    For flares-
    light stretching, sit making a v with legs, strech side to side and down middle
    * don't be a passenger if you don't have too I notice driving helps stop flares (mabye using your musles helps)
    *try taking tums and a glass of h2o
    *try and reduce levels of stress ( try a comical movie like one w/ will ferrel he's hillarious!!!!!!)
    * if you vagina is hurting, freeze water in a baggy making a thin sheet, then slide the sheet in "slightly" to numb yourself to take the edge off of that pain. It helps!!!
    Will be trying:
    *a suppliment to try and regulate hormones
    *quercitin and aloe pills they have at the Icn shop

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  • amartaingirl

    thats my description of a UTI

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  • During a flare do you feel burning while urinating....

    Ok not while more like when you are finishing. I normally feel relief til about I am almost done peeing. I mean right at the end...causes me to hunch over a bit and push on my tummy....almost radiates pain up to my chest and such....then it will stop until after I wipe. Then the burning starts up again.