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Can Amoxil be causing my flare up?

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  • Can Amoxil be causing my flare up?

    I have a throat infection and my doctor prescribed me Amoxil (Amoxycillin is the generic name). I have since then started to flare up, that is the only new thing that I have introduced in my regime this week. Has anyone experienced this with Amoxil? can it be possible that a antibiotic can cause flare ups??? Please help?
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    THe infection itself could possibly be causing the flare along with the antibiotic. Being sick can cause a flare and new meds also. Hope you feel better soon.


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      I think its the med thats caused this flare. I was sick a few days before I started taking the meds and I wasnt flaring. is there an alternative to take instead of amoxil?
      Formerly lorenab


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        dont think so

        i dont think an antibotic would hurt
        ive take penicllin a few times are ready for some dental work...and it didnt bother me.
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