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Can Lunesta cause flares?

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  • Can Lunesta cause flares?

    I just started taking Lunesta instead of Ambien. Sometimes I noticed that Ambien actually helped a little with pain, but I have been flaring ever since I started taking the Lunesta...particularly in the morning. Anyone else noticed a similar connection?
    Diagnosed: December '06
    Meds: Urised (looking for more non-invasive options)
    I did not have any flares in Caracas. Patch explained this phenomenon to me as a type of "reverse" healing. When all of your energy and love is focused upon abating the pain of others, you, in turn, may heal.
    "Doctor Yaso" (Caracas, Venezuela) and "bolaroja" (Lima, Peru)

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    i still cant sleep

    ive tried it all..ambian,lunestra...
    no pain noted..but i still cant sleep!!
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      Lunesta and flare

      Here's what I think -- if you haven't changed anything else or gotten into stress over something and you start a pill (try a food, new lotion, etc.) and have pain immediately or sometime in the first week, it is the new thing (in this case pill)! I only try one thing at a time for this reason.

      I take lunesta without flares. HOWEVER, pretty much everything else that causes me flares seems fine for everyone else with IC. Bottom-line, we are all SO different that it's probably you and the med are not a match! Try stopping it and see if it goes away. Experiment and if you have problems, get another sleeping med. I haven't tried rozeram but I see commercials for it all the time.

      I hate insomnia - have it really bad (go to bed at 11 fall asleep at 7:15ish) and when I don't have insomnia I have THE BLADDER being angry so it's a lose-lose. But I have really liked lunesta but don't want to take it every night so I do it about 3 times a week and am tired the rest of the time. Ugh.

      Feel better soon!
      Laura D. in Florida

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