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SO Frustrated!!

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  • SO Frustrated!!

    The pediatrician's office just called me and with a WAY too chipper voice said that my daughters overnight urine was negative. So again I have no real cause for all of her discomfort except the IC. I was hoping she still had the UTI so that maybe an antibiotic would help her feel better. Do any of you take Ditropan XL? or tried it? Thanks for letting me vent! Cara

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    Well at least I guess you know what you are dealing with. I have take ditropan and now take detrol. They can help me when I need them for freq. My big thing is that they can also cause retention so I have to take a very low dose.


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      I sure wish I had the answers to give you but I don't grouphug will your daughter lay on the sofa watching cartoons with ice or a heating pad? maybe that will help. wink I tried detral la with no results, then tried ditropan xl with rentention. How about an anti spasam pill I have taken urised (off brad is usept), she will pee blue, it helps so much with the spasams. sending lots of hugs and prayers your way.
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        Hi Cara,

        You mentioned that you thought she had Vulvodynia. Also, she could be urinating what feels like hot lava, and that could irritate the try cooling that down with an ice pack, I know when one thing flares on me the other diseases do, too.

        About her IC flare, I guess the only thing you can do is just try to make her as comfortable as possible, flush her with friendly fluids, and get her mind off of it if possible. Your poor baby.

        Hugs and love,
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          Better days ahead. Read, write, and pray often!
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