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running out of meds...and a snowstorm in sight!!!

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  • running out of meds...and a snowstorm in sight!!!

    well it looks like we have a major snowstorm in sight for tommorow in MI, and of all things I have a urologist visit, who is about 60 miles away from me......I am hoping since it is bad weather he will mail the script we had this discussion back in November, and he said yes, but I haven't seen him since than (he called off the appointment last month). Also, I haven't had a period since late april of last year...I wonder if it is due to the oxycontin?

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    Hi Jillian,
    I really hope you can get your medication situation worked out. I know what those snowstorms are like after living in Iowa for 40 years.

    I don't know about the medication and your period but it would be something to discuss with your Dr. that is for sure.

    Jolene grouphug

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      Hi Jillian, I hope your dr can mail your script but I would be very careful. We are due for a snowstorm here in the northeast toommorow. Please call your dr and talk to him and your gyn about your peroid and let us know how you are doing. Praying for you.
      Hang in there , There is hope.
      There is hope. Prayer works.

      Love, Debbie


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        Wow Jillian, I hope you feel better soon and can find a way to get some more meds.

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          just a thought can your doctor call your medicine in to your drug store and if it is one of those you must pick call and ask if they will call you in something diff until you can get to them.
          I take perocets but when my son was in the hosp. with kidney stones and i couldnt get to my appt i called the rn and told them what was going on and they called me in lortabs 10 i asked if they would just call me in 6 because my medicine was at home and there was no way i could get to it because we was over a 100 miles away from home and i had no one to bring it to me or getting to them because i would not leave my son. so i asked the rn on the floor where my son was what was the nearest drug store she gave me a number and i told the other rn on the phone the name of the drug store and they called in my pain medicine for me so i didnt have to go to the er at that hosp.
          My son rn even got me the cath and other things i needed to take a treatment i was in so much pain.
          thank god there is still some caring people out there.
          as far as knowing if your meds stopped your peroid i'm not sure I think you need to call a gyn to be seen.
          you can also call your drug store and asked them if that is a side effect but i bet they will tell you to see an gyn.
          the only time my peroid was messed was because of stress an a uti infection.
          Good Luck and please keep us updated on how you are.
          I feel like your uro will be kind enough to help you out knowing about the storm.
          best wishes. grouphug
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            I agree with the others. If you call your doctor's office, they may be able to arrange for you to get enough to get you through the snow storm, especially since you live so far from the office.

            Sending an encouraging hug,
            Stay safe

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              wow jillian I would call the uro too and see if they can call you in meds for a week, and reschedule.. I am in mi to and its not to pretty this morning gotta love the school dist. they didnt close, wwwith this freezing rain banghead and snow behind it...
              hope you got your meds, got to go get ready for the uro... have to only go 10 miles tho..
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