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  • Daughter in flare

    Hi My 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with IC last June after undergoing cystoscopic examination because of blood clots in urine and extremely frequent urination. She has been doing really well on ditropan and atarax, but yesterday and today have been really tough (lots of accidents and painful urination) I took urine specimen to Dr. but no UTI which is very typical for her. Any suggestions to help her get through this flare and to calm it down would be greatly appreciated. I am not sure why she is having this difficulty but she did have a bad cold last week. Thank you

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    First off I am so sorry about your daughter, 6 is so young to be dealing with this. I get relief from a heating pad or the stick on heat pads, others say ice helps them. If she was on any cold medications that can be a trigger. I can't take any decongestant without it affecting me. I also take Hydroxyzine, which is the generic name for Atarax, I have had times where too high of a dose of the Detrol or Ditrapan will cause me to have retention problems in combination with the Hydroxyzine and sometimes without any other medication. My body is funny and can only tolerate 2 mg. detrol, but we are all different. When that happens, it hurts me worse than the frequency. I will be in the bathroom a lot because it feels like I have to go and then I can't or just dribble and then I am right back in there because my bladder still feels full.

    So possibly what you may have to do is discuss medication issues and possible changes with her Dr. if that might be a problem. If it is just a flare, it is just going to take time. My heart goes out to her, I was just 16 when I was diagnosed 29 years ago and I can't imagine having it that young.

    Good luck and let us know how she is doing.

    Jolene grouphug

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      I really feel your daughter, she is so young to have to deal with IC, I know it must be very hard on you, as her mum, seeing her go through this at her age. I know, like Jolene posted, cold medicines can give a flare up, I know, I am one, that it affects my IC, so could be something in the medicine, or just not being well. I would check with her doc to find out, if I were you. Hope that she will feel little better soon, bless her heart. Please let us know how she is doing, hugs Iris. hi grouphug
      Today and every day you are loved, so don't be anxious about tomorrow, God will take care of you tomorrow; Live one day at a time.


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        Addition to my post, it should have read I really feel for your daughter. Take care Iris.
        Today and every day you are loved, so don't be anxious about tomorrow, God will take care of you tomorrow; Live one day at a time.


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          I agree it is so sad for her to have it this young. Hot baths and heating pads also help me. Do they give kids pyridium plus? It does help.


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            Your poor little girl! I am so sorry she has this awful disease at such a young age!!

            I am battling a bug now myself and I flare everytime I get sick, and I generally don't take meds when I'm ill, unless it's an antibiotic or motrin or something, so for me, just having something attacking my system flares me. Also, could she have eaten something that she shouldn't have? Good luck, I hope your little angel feels better soon.

            Hugs and love to you and your angel ,
            Jess grouphug
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              I feel for your daughter.

              Warm baths help, as do heating pads, I keep a disposable heating pad (those stick on ones) with me almost all the time. I have also heard people say Epsom salt baths help...they calm the tissues down.

              Do you have to watch her diet at all? I would also suggest lots of water, watching her juice intake, and eating something alkaline....lots of veggies, some almonds, or almond milk. I know it sounds silly, but almond milk can be really soothing for me in a flare. Nothing too acidic, spicy or even too salty when Im flaring.

              I would also, as Jolene mentioned, talk to your doctor about her meds. I too experianced urinary retention (couldnt empty my bladder) on Detrol. Ditchropan is a part of the same class of drugs, although I dont beleive it has retention as a side effect as frequently as detrol does.

              Just out of my own curiosity, when you first started with the urinary problems, did they do any hormone tests?

              I really hope your daughter feels relief very very soon.
              Big hugs,
              @[email protected]
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                grouphug grouphug grouphug
                Hang in there , There is hope.
                There is hope. Prayer works.

                Love, Debbie


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                  Thank you all for your very kind words and support. The pediatrician called Friday and she did end up testing positive for a UTI on the overnight culture (1st time ever) Is it more common to get UTI's when you have IC or is this a coincidence? I doubt its a coincidence! She did not have hormone testing.....why? Thank you again.