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three day flare

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  • ICNDonna
    Please --- get yourself to your doctor --- your infection can only get worse if it's not treated. And if you absoutely can't get there, telephone him --- this may be one of those times when it's necessary to take a broad spectrum antibiotic and pray that it's the right one.

    I wish I were closer --- I'd come pick you up and get you to your doctor.

    Sending gentle hugs,

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  • Dixiefireball
    started a topic three day flare

    three day flare

    I have been flareing for three days now i know i have an infection but i cant get to the doctor because of having to take everyone else to the doctor when i pee it is like i'm peeing hot thick lava Oh how i want to scream and cry at the same time. yesterday alone i took eight perocets and three heparin treatments the heparin helped the most but only for about an hour then the pain came back. gggggrrrrrrrrrr. (banging my head). I dont know what to do i started taking leviquin 250mg i have at home for back up but i can't hardle take care of my self right now between son being sick still. his private part is swollen i sit in the doctor office waiting room for three hours yeasterday because he had to be a work in and i know others was work in too and they was only one doctor there ggggggrrrrrrrr. i got up and fially said to the nurse up front how many people are in front of my kids they said three i said i have been here for three hours i have already tooking my pain meds ya'll know i have ic and how bad it is because ya'll was the ones who sent me to my uro. I think they are mad because i changed family doctor for my self but i left my children with them. but anyway i said cant you put them in front of a few people since i been here this long and i'm in pain .....she went to the back and no they wouldnt do it. ggggggrrrrrrrr ((((cussing))))) so i left and made an appt for brandon to see the doctor at 10:30 am i wanted to go this morning but i've just been able to pull my self out of the bed i had to let my husband stay out of work to take him and i wanted to be there my self. hopefully tomorrow i can get to my doctor i know he will help me if i can just get to him i dont have anyone else to take me or i would have called them. OH i'm at my witts end here in pain!!!!! please god give me some relief. it hurts to walk it hurt to do anything but lay still with a heating pad on my bladder. OH it hurts so bad i need a break! ((((((crying)))))))