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  • flare from CAT scan

    Well, this is my sixth flare since November. Yes, I am so tired of this. This time it is from the CAT scan I had on Feb 6th. The day before my procedure I had to drink a barium sulfate solution that did not bother me at all. So, I was pretty happy. The next day at the hospital I had to drink another solution-I asked the radiologist if it was acidic and he said 'yes'. So I braced myself and drank it. I know that I had to have the scan done. Well, it has been a terrible week. I rarely cry-which I know is not good-well, on Friday I left work on my lunch break to come home and have a big cry. I composed myself went back to work and talked with the other manager and district manager who were there. Yes, I started crying...Dean (we are both managers of our Starbucks location) was and always is simply amazing gave me a big hug. He hates how this disease affects me. I just always feel so weak when I cry-I know that I need to work on this. So, I went to my gp and she gave me the Fentynl patches that we talked about before. I started today-it takes awhile for the medication the build up in my system. Six flares in three months (they lasted up to one week each) is a lot for me to handle. God help me. I am currently working at a extremely busy location which is also a 24 hour store-luckily management is only required to work one graveyard shift per month. My new DM is very understanding and does not want me to work graveyards and she wants me to have at least 12-14 hours in between my shifts. So, I am being transferred to a slower location here in town. I am very happy and lucky to have caring coworkers. I am just tired of these flares. Sorry that this is so long...I just feel as if I need some friends who understand.
    Thank you for are all amazing!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Peace, Love, Health, and Happiness!

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    Hi Alana,
    Sorry to hear that the cat scan solution did you in, that really sucks!! I'm glad you are getting some pain meds though, you need them. I am in the midst of changing up my pain meds, so let me know how you like the patches. Are you doing anything else for treatment?
    One day at a time


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      Hi Alana, I am also sorry about the cat scan solution, I was worried about that when I had it, but it did not affect me, thank goodness. Sorry to read you have been going through a rough time, hope the patch helps you out. Please keep us posted as to how you are doing, and hope you get relief from your pain, soft hugs, Iris.
      Today and every day you are loved, so don't be anxious about tomorrow, God will take care of you tomorrow; Live one day at a time.


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        Thank you for the replies!

        Cath, I have tried dmso treatments, elmiron, antidepressants, neurontin, atarax with no luck. I've changed my diet also. The last few flares have been from: trigger point injections, muscle relaxer, ventolin inhaler, dmso treatment, CAT scan, and once over the holidays I 'cheated' with a few foods.
        I will definitely let you all know how the patches are working. I am on the lowest dosage 25 mg that releases 2.5 mcg and hour.


        Peace, Love, Health, and Happiness!