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  • Flaring....agai

    banghead toilet

    I am in a flare! It seems like it is going to stick with me for ever! I want it to go away so that I can have some kind of nice holiday when my partner and I go to Calgary for a vist at the end of March. I am very frustrated and tired as I am not getting very much sleep. I have an appt for a DMSO treatment, but all I want to do tomorrow is skip work and sleep...ZZZZZZZZZZZ
    I already was 22 minutes late for work at the beginning of this week, so as you can see I am off to a good start, not to mention, my partner and I have such bad cabin fever that we are fighting over the stupidest things, but we have talked it over and agreed to be more positive with each other and not to be such jerks to one another! It is really hard though to try and be nice when you are flaring and having hot flashes! I had another treatment of Lupron Depot for my Endo the other day. Hey I feel great!.......................NOT! Anyway, thanks fot letting me vent before bed.

    Arcticfox hi

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    First off; I LOVE your avatar! Hobbes rocks!

    I hope you feel better soon and that your trip goes well and that you are feeling comfortable enough to enjoy it. kissing

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      You don't mention how long this has been going on but if it has been awhile, make sure you don't have an infection. I also am assuming you have been watching your diet, that can be a big help. One more thing I can think of off the top of my head is stress and hormones, that's 2 things! Anyway, stress can trigger flares for me that can last awhile and also PMS flares are a monthly occurance. Hopefully you can find something to help soon and enjoy your trip. grouphug

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        Thanks gals. I had a DMSO instillation today and the nurse took some of my urine to get tested to see if there was any bacteria. In the mean time I have been on Pyridium. I have only had about 3 pills. But that's good for me at the moment. I know that I can only take these pills for two days as they are not good for the liver. So with the DMSO treatment and the Pyridium, I feeling pretty good this evening. I hope that I have a good sleep. I sure do need one!

        Arcticfox hi