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UTI or major flare?

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  • UTI or major flare?

    I recently came out of remission in September 2010 and have not had a major flare until recently.

    It burns and HURTS at the end of peeing and i constantly hve that burning feeling. The initial pain came after pizza, a margarita, and something else. So idk if its a major flare or a UTI.

    Oh, and i have no insurance until February.

    21 year old female. Diagnosed as of November 2008 with onset of symptoms.

    I am currently diagnosed with IC, PFD, endometriosis, asthma, and vulvodynia/contact dermititis, IBS, and fibromyalgia.


    -Amitryptyline 10 mg

    -Neurontin (in place of lyrica because I can't afford it- lol) 300 mg x3 a day
    Flexeril. 10 mg. As needed.
    First laparoscopy showed moderate to severe endo

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    You could go and get an over the counter UTI test kit and then if it is positive you would know for sure you need to talk to a Dr. about it. You may still have to if this continues. Hugs.

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