Hi, I am a newbie here and have not had a diagnosis of IC. However, I have had an irritable bladder off and on over the years. I am 68. About 10 years ago, I saw an urologist who scoped the bladder and put in some substance. He said that I did not have IC and that volume was good. My memory is very foggy about it all. After his treatment I was good for several years.

The past few months I have felt bladder irritation which would come and go. I always figured that if I stopped having coffee and the occasional diet coke that I'd be fine. Well, not so. I have had a lot of discomfort in pelvis and bladder the last few weeks. I think it flared up after I had a couple of rum and diet cokes one night with an old friend. Not something I do often.

Although I feel like I need to pee, I don't really have frequency unless I keep focusing on it. No urgency.

I have pretty much cut out the trigger foods listed on this site. Not perfect, admittedly. Also I have had several weeks of stress which I believe is a big contributing factor. Life will be calmer now in the new year.

Last Tuesday night I was very uncomfortable and went to a Walk In clinic. I gave a sample and the doctor there said that it was unclear whether I had infection or not. If I did, she said, then it was mild. The test showed nitrites and a little bit of blood but not white cells. She suggested I either wait for the culture or start Bactrim. I decided to take the Bactrim even though I don't like to take antibiotics. I felt somewhat better a few days after starting it but pain/discomfort is still there albeit not as intense. I will get the results of the culture on Tuesday. I have been through this process before and the culture is likely negative. However, this is the first time I've been told that I had some blood and nitrites.

I do not yet have an urologist. I am now in another city. I wish that I had a record of what was done by the urologist that I did see some years ago. It may not be easy to get into see an urologist quickly here in Canada. I have been seeing an Integrative doctor and had a urine culture a few weeks ago. It was negative. He suggested using homeopathics.

Meanwhile, I have started CystoProtek and the Desert Harvest Aloe. I know that my bladder lining is very sensitive as I don't tolerate ascorbic acid. I was using some Alka Seltzer Gold to alkalinize but saw tonight in a post that citric acid is bad. It is in Alka Seltzer Gold!

I am thinking of adding almond milk, marshmallow tea and perhaps slippery elm tea and MSM. And I will ask my doc for some pyridium and maybe Vistaril.

Also I know that my pelvic floor is really tight. Last week I saw a physio who specializes in pelvic pain. I need to get a requisition from a doctor for her to be able to assess/treat internally. I have had 4 C-sections and a hysterectomy + appendix and apparently have a lot of scar tissue. She told me that ligaments holding bladder to pelvis are very tight. Pelvis is torqued from scar tissue which is pulling bladder off center. Any massage therapist that I have seen has told me that pelvis is torqued.

This forum is providing me with wonderful information. Many thanks to all who contribute.

I'd really appreciate any advice you may have.