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Another Lost weekend

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  • Another Lost weekend

    Hi all, I think I just need to whine a little to those who understand. Last week I was diagnosed w/ another UIT, got the upper respiratory junk going around my office and ended up coming home Friday with abdominal flu on top of everything. Fortunately all the nasty things seem to be gone but my bladder is very unhappy. My DH and I had plans for the weekend and today and those have gone out the door as I'm in bed w/heating pad - again. Pain meds keep the pain under control but don't eliminate it. I get so tired of this and I know my husband is very frustrated. He is so patient and rearranged the day to see how I feel later. I was hoping for a little intimate time this weekend but sure don't feel like it now! Tomorrow is my 53rd bd and I was hoping to feel like a young, energetic 53 year old, not some broken down old lady. This disease sure gets old,doesn't it?! Thanks for listening. This is a wonderful place for me to come and release frustrations :-)

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      hey jan!

      hey there.....just offering some support to you, young lady!!!!

      and wanted to let you know that i know how u feel........saw my IC Specialist about two weeks ago b/c i have felt so terrible, and found out i have a severe bladder infection. on my second week of antibiotics, and he's putting me on (1) 100mg per day Macrobid for a while i guess (judging by the 11 still feel crappy, and my meds that were upped are taking the edge off, but like u i am still hurting.

      these infections are certainly no joke, and if u need to fuss, whine or laugh, i am here for u b/c i am dealing with the same!!!!

      feel better!!!!!!!!!!
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